Ragtime Records

RAGTIME2Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now official! We have a brand new Electro Swing Record label, based right here in the Midlands, UK – Ragtime Records! Set up by Richard Shawcross (better known as the C@ in the H@) and myself Tom Hyland (of the Electric Swing Circus), Ragtime records is all about the new generation of Electro Swing. There is so much new and exciting music out there, that we decided it would be awesome to have a platform to release and showcase all our favourite material, and hopefully inspire more people to become involved with the genre and get swinging!
We launched the label this December with our first release the Gangsta Swing EP produced by the
C@ in the H@ which you can listen to here:

rICH dj

The C@ in the H@ (pronounced Cat in the Hat) is a Birmingham based producer and has been one of the key players in setting up the Birmingham Electro Swing scene. His Tag line is ‘Swing with a Big Bass Sound’, have a listen to his EP and you will see exactly what he means, it’s big, it’s bad but above all it is good old fashioned swinging fun! Even my 5 year old nephew has given his seal of approval and loves dancing to the music (which I should add, is hilarious to watch!)
Having played in line ups alongside acts from Paul Oakenfold to Pendulum and Caravan Palace to
Qbert, his Electro Swing sets draw from a huge range of influences from many different genres and are always a lot of fun. You can expect to hear all sorts of things, from scratching and beat juggling, to live remixing and even dropping dancehall/reggae accapellas over Electro Swing tracks, meaning you won’t be able to stop your feet tapping.


We set up Ragtime Records to offer us a bit more flexibility to do what we wanted, when we wanted. There are some amazing Electro Swing labels out there already, and of course a big mention must go to Freshly Squeezed, releasing some great tracks. Since the scene really took off in the Midlands however, there haven’t been any new labels appearing, so we thought – ‘why not do it ourselves?’

We are looking to showcase material from both local talent as well as artists from further afield.
With some exciting releases on the way from Birmingham based and international artists we look forward to working with the new generation of Electro Swingers, and hopefully we can take the genre forwards to somewhere new and exciting. Exactly where we are going, who knows but one thing I am sure of is that we are going to have a lot of fun on the way.

You can check out our Facebook page here and stay up to date with all our releases and news. Next one is coming early next year so stay tuned, and Merry Xmas!