Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #3

 Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #3



Happy new year Rebels, and welcome to the first Rebel Roundup of 2013!  I hope you’ll forgive me with this one being slightly overdue as I was intending to put this out before Christmas.  Unfortunately due to a slight technical issue (me being far too keen to get home for the holidays), I left the half written roundup on my work computer, forgetting to take a copy with me.  Even though it’s slightly out of date I’m hoping there are some new tracks in here for everyone that you won’t have discovered yet :)


So we’ll get this one started with S Strong who seems to be becoming a bit of a regular in the Rebel Roundup, and if he’s going to keep putting together tunes like these I think he’ll be back again!  The Greek DJ and producer with “Swing breaks and wobbly grooves for the dubheads” offers up this little freebie entitled The Rover.

S Strong on Facebook


Swing Republic has been on the Electro Swing scene since the very beginning, releasing a wealth of greatly received tracks through Freshly Squeezed.  Their newest album ‘Midnight Calling’ is no exception and producer Per Ebdrup and vocalist Karina Kappel have done an excellent job.  This is the video for ‘High Hats’ which I hope you will enjoy.  Midnight Calling is available to purchase now via Beatport.

Swing Republic on Facebook


There is very little information available as to who The Swing Bot actually are, other than they are from Nimes, France.  This is a remix of The Crystal Spring Ramblers – Fort Worth Stomp and is available for free download via their Soundcloud page.  Don’t forget to thanks them and favourite.

The Swing Bot on Facebook


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who can produce tracks as fast as Skeewiff or to such high quality.  It seems rare that I will log into Soundcloud and not find an excellent new track from the London based duo.  This track is part 1 of a series of EP’s from Bart and Baker which remix some of their classic tracks.  Available to purchase now through iTunes, Beatport, Deezer and Music Me.

Sweewiff on Facebook


Sammy Senior is a New Zealand born DJ and producer currently residing in Chamonix, France.  Specialising in the Ghetto Funk genre he also likes to try his hand at the odd Swing track here and there.  This one dropped today, so it’s hot off the press.  “Gonna Get High” is available for free download so grab a copy now and remember to thank Sammy while you’re at it.

Sammy Senior on Facebook


This is a 4 track EP produced by Germany’s DJ Caspar in 2011, but now available to download for free.  Caspar is the resident DJ for long running party ‘It’s a Swing Thing’ in Munich.

DJ Caspar on Facebook


This is the latest release from Canadian bass monster Defunk on High Chai Recordings.  Defunk has been working extremely hard, releasing the vast majority of his tracks via his Bandcamp page where you can name your price.  Retro Baby is his newest offering, available to purchase now through Beatport where you can use the code JANXMG to get 20% off!

Defunk on Facebook


Taking things in a slightly different direction but staying with our friend from Alberta, we are going a bit bluesy.  I’m not planning on making a habit of including the same artist twice in one Roundup but when Defunk is putting out tracks of this calibre I think it would be rude not to! Banjo Blues is available to download via Juno as part of the Resoul Records – Fully Loaded Vol. 3 release.

Defunk on Facebook


So if you follow me on my Facebook page you’d have seen that I may have let this one out of the bag a bit early…  Hope you’ll forgive me as this was too good not to share straight away.  Keeping things bluesy, download yourself a copy of this Glitch Blues track from Germany’s Minoru via the alternative download link.

Minoru on Facebook


The final track is a collaboration between Bournemouth’s Pugzilla and Southampton’s Envious Mind.  This track is available to buy now as part of Scoured Cream: Vol. 01 which is the debut release from brand new label Scour Records, the brain child of the infamous Spinforth who is part of the Ghetto Funk site.

Pugzilla on Facebook

Envious Mind on Facebook


So we’ve reached the end of another Rebel Roundup.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of tracks.  Please remember to comment on and favourite any of them to show your support to the artist.  As always please send me anything you feel deserves a mention in the next article to jamkosrebelroundup@gmail.com and I’ll try and include it.

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