Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #2

 Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #2


Hello Swing Rebels and welcome back to Jamko’s Rebel Roundup! It’s been another exciting month for the Electro Swing community, with plenty of fresh and interesting tracks coming out, so I’ve got some tasty little treats to share with you that I hope you’re going to enjoy! Please remember to show your support for the artists by favouriting and commenting on their tracks. Trust me it really makes a big difference!


So I’m going to kick things off this month with a chap who shouldn’t be a stranger to any of you. Hailing from deepest darkest Surrey, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer has been on a personal crusade to re-acquaint the world with the sounds of hip-hop by way of the Queen’s English. Armed with his trusty banjolele, his live recitals have earned him a loyal fan base with people flocking to hear the chap-hop phenomenon. Check out the video for his new track ‘Just like a Chap’ which features a couple of guest appearances. Can you spot them? Free download available on this one in the video description!

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer on Facebook

Now I’ll admit I’d never heard of this duo until I received an email from one of the members offering this track up for the Rebel Roundup! Tumult are a pair of Danish producers: Jakob Sejer-Nielsen and Per Ebdrups. Those names might not mean very much to you out of context, but if I tell you that Per is the man behind the very successful Swing Republic, then you get an idea of the quality of music you can expect to hear. The track itself is fairly old, but has recently been made available for free download, so why not go and grab yourself a copy!


Max Pashm is one of the people behind the Electro Swing Club phenomenon that has seen ESC club nights spring up all over the world. He’s someone I’ve talked to online for a very long time and I finally got to meet earlier this year at Boomtown Fair after he very kindly invited us to come and perform as The Killer Dillers. Here is his new EP, Kikilaki featuring remixes from Shok’s Red Light District, and Typoboy & Alan de Lanière.

Max Pashm on Facebook


This is the second track produced by British group Little Violet. For having profiles on all the social networking platforms they still manage to actually provide no information as to who they are, so I’m afraid this is going to be very short. I do know however, that this is going to be the b-side to their track “Don’t Stop”, which will be available shortly on Cuckoo Records. Great video for this one!

Little Violet on Facebook


The After Hours Quintet hailing from Leeds are a fairly new addition to the growing roster of live Electro Swing acts here in the UK. Formed in April 2012, they combine sax, clarinet, fret-less bass, trumpet, jazz guitar and a turntablist. These guys are going to be one to keep an eye on. Free download on this one entitled ‘You’ll Miss me Honey’.


Clem is a Swiss Deep House and Tech House producer and DJ who has been releasing tracks on various labels since 2010. Clem’s latest EP, Precognitive Man, is out now on Wired, featuring a remix by German powerhouse Shemian. This one is available to buy now on Beatport.

Clem on Facebook


Things seemed to go a bit quiet on eLDOKO’s Soundcloud page for about a year, but I’m glad to see he’s back producing again. Signed to What! What!, the London based producer and DJ aims to bridge the gap between all things Jazz, Swing, Tech and House. This little beauty is an edit of Your No Good by Ken Booth, available for free download on his Soundcloud page.

eLDOKO on Facebook


Chrispop is a producer and DJ from Paderborn, Germany who makes what he describes as “Freestyle wobble funk with skankin’ breaks”. Sounds like a great combination to me! This one samples The Mills Brothers – Digga Digga Doo. He’s going to be giving this one away for free shortly via the Freebreaksblog after they reach 2000 followers.

Chrispop on Facebook

The McMash Clan are a 3 man production and DJ team from London. Their latest EP Swing Break has just been released on Circus Records, the label set up by dubstep giants Flux Pavilion and Dr P. The first track of the EP, also entitled Swing Break, features vocals from Kate Mullins of the Puppini Sisters. This one has already been gaining plenty of support, notably radio play from BBC radio’s Mistajam! Available now for purchase on Beatport and Itunes.

The McMash Clan on Facebook


I’ve been following Odjbox for a couple of years now, and he was probably one of the first people I started following through Soundcloud. He’s given multiple tracks away for free, as well as 2 free EP’s which are available through his bandcamp page. He’s now also one of the resident DJ’s for London’s Electric Empire, so why not go and check him out if you’re in the area. This newest track is entitled Don’t Get Me Wrong ft. Lucinda Belle.

Odjbox on Facebook


This is a brand new one from the Dutty Moonshine boys, hot off the press! They’ve been touring all over the UK promoting their EP Rauchestra Volume 1 this last month, yet still found time to put this banger together. Free download on this, so go grab yourself a copy!

Dutty Moonshine on Facebook


So that brings us to the end of another Rebel Roundup. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s selection of tracks and remember to tune in next time for more of the same! Don’t forget that if you have something you think deserves a mention, drop me a message to jamkosrebelroundup@gmail.com and I’ll try and include it in the next article. Until next time Rebels!

Posted by James (Jamko)