Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #1

 Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #1


Hello Swing Rebels and welcome to Jamko’s Rebel Roundup! A brand new monthly feature bringing you a selection of tracks I have come across in the last month that I am particularly enjoying and feel should not be missed. Some of these are available as free downloads, others are official releases which are available to purchase, and finally some are forthcoming releases or are waiting to be signed. I hope you enjoy the tracks I’ve chosen, and please remember to show your support to the artists by commenting on and favouriting any that you like. So without further ado let’s get things started!

Kicking things off is a track that has been gaining plenty of support since its release, and rightly so. This is an excellent remix of Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ from Belgian duo Stavroz. Fusing elements of gypsy, jazz and swing with electronic elements they pride themselves on bringing some variation to the game. No 8-bar loops on repeat here! I’m looking forward to seeing what else these two come up with in the future. Free download from the Soundcloud player.

Stavroz on Facebook


It’s always nice to find a new version of a track that has already had a number of remixes. Canada’s MuthaFunkers do a great job on the Ella Fitzgerald classic When I Get Low I Get High. Keep your eyes peeled for a Ghetto Hop remix which is forthcoming. Free download available so remember to thank the guys for this if you like it.


Next up is some more of that wobbly goodness we’ve come to expect from Birmingham’s talented DJ and producer C@ in the H@. He has been on the music scene under various aliases for a number of years now, turning his hand to Electro Swing at the end of last year. This is the third track from his forthcoming Gangster EP.

C@ in the H@ on Facebook


This album has been on the cards for a long time now for Italy’s Swingrowers. I had the pleasure of having the duo play at my own night The Jitterbug back in November last year and they were fantastic. This is the album mini-mix from their debut album “Pronounced Swing Grow’ers”, available for purchase from all good online retailers. Congratulations on the release guys!

Swingrowers on Facebook


This cheeky little Swing-hop mashup from Waggles uses free tracks from Dedy Dredd and Three Loco. Free download on this one, so grab yourselves a copy and remember to leave a comment to thank them while you’re at it.

Waggles on Facebook


I’m afraid I don’t have any information about this guy other than his name is Minoru and he’s from Saarbrücken, Germany. Great Glitch hop track though regardless and it’s free, so go grab a copy!

Minoru on Facebook


Now I’m expecting most of you have heard this one already as it’s been doing the rounds, but in case you haven’t here’s a little number from the 10-piece Pyro Circus Rave Massive that is Slamboree. I got the chance to see these guys play live in the Bassline Circus tent at Boomtown Fair this year and they are simply an audio and visual feast that has to be seen. Free download on this, so once again please show your support.

Slamboree on Facebook


This next one is an original piece of work from Mr. DonJohnston and is 100% sample free. It features vocals from Leo Wood, guitar from Tom Hyland of The Electric Swing Circus, and horns from Paul Cakebread. As a genre that typically relies heavily on sampling classic swing and jazz tracks, could this be the future for Electro Swing?

DonJohnston on Facebook


So I’m including the video for this one because a) I think it’s awesome, and b) I can only find short tasters for the track everywhere else. St. James Ballroom is taken from the album of the same name but appears to be only available in Germany? If anyone finds otherwise please let me know. The group have an upcoming tour in Germany to promote the album launch, and I’m hoping they make their way over to the UK very soon.

Alice Francis on Facebook


This final one isn’t actually Electro Swing, and I would probably call it Glitch Blues, but to be honest is anyone going to mind when it’s this good? Free download on this one courtesy of New Zealand’s K+Lab from his Facebook page.

K+Lab on Facebook


Ok Rebels, that’s it for this month, but fear not as there will be more tunes coming soon. Please get involved by sending me anything you think deserves a mention next time to jamkosrebelroundup@gmail.com.

Posted by James (Jamko)