Exclusive Interview- The Electronic Swing Orchestra

 Exclusive Interview: The Electronic Swing Orchestra

Today we will shine the light on a very talented Electro Swing Band: The Electronic Swing Orchestra.

Electronic Swing Orchestra – Live Electro Swing Made in Berlin

The Electronic Swing Orchestra stands for electrified, swinging beats. They love deep basses, groovy piano sounds and swinging guitar riffs intertwined with mesmerising vocals. Band members are Julie Dillon (Vocals), Jim Pansen (Piano, Synth, Rhodes, Organ), Lord Myland (Guitar, Horns, Accordeon), Resikô (Saxophone) and Schmeckefuchs (DJ). They mix up the sound of the twenties with modern electronic music.

Swing Rebellion (further referred to as S.R.) managed to meet the Electronic Swing Orchestra shortly before their upcoming record release in a busy subway station of Berlin’s

Welcome guys!

S.R.: In one sentence: What is the Electronic Swing Orchestra?

Lord Myland: “A marauding gang of electro swing artists, caught up in a parallel future, where life is dominated by steam-driven contraptions.”

S.R.: How did you guys get started? When?

Julie Dillon: “It all started out in the nineties in Austria.  Resikô and Jim where forced to perform in swinger clubs to support their families. Very innocent music at that time. They where calling themselves Swinging Chappel or something…

Resikô: Swinger Kapellen!

Julie Dillon: Anyway they only encountered Electronic Music when they bumped into these electronauts (J.D points at Schmeckefuchs & Lord Myland) in a wild night in vienna. None of ‘em claims they could remember a bit, something happened though, that’s for sure. Somehow their music lost it’s innocence and was reinforced by heavy electronic bass. The birth of the Electro Swing Genre, as music historians would note much later… Many more things happened and I actually met them in a very shook up mood after their Berlin hideout burned down, but that’s a whole different story.

S.R.: What are your plans for the near future?

Lord Myland: Let’s see.. We’re releasing a Electro Swing Album, that will leave the scene altered beyond recognition. Electronic Swing Orchestra and the Mysterious Chaos Machine. It’s gonna be there in all it’s beauty on 16th august. Without a bow to the music industry we’re about to serve a limited vinyl. and of course it’s gonna be everywhere on the interwebs.

Schmeckefuchs: Naturally we have to releas it proper. We’re about to turn every last city into a vaudevillian speakeasy on our release tour.

S.R. Where can we see you play?

Schmeckefuchs: We’re releasing the “Chaos Machine” Album on the 16th of August at Club Magdalena in Berlin. The next night we’re having a charity gig at Zwischenraum Festival. They’re supporting refugee initiatives. It’s very dear to us.

On August 18we’re at conspicuous Bolsjefabrikken in Copenhagen. A week later we’re going back to our roots and playing in the decadent and depraved premses of INSOMNIA Swinger Club in Berlin. Geneve and Paris are lined up as well, a festival in Freiburg, I don’t know, check our Facebook, there’s loads of Gigs coming in. Lloyd* takes care of these things.

S.R.How do you see the electro-swing scene progressing?

Jim Pansen: Arh, it’s a bit complicated.. There’s tons of cheap bedroom dj shellack remixes out there. And the Berlin scene seems a bit tired of those sounds. But there’s also some serious artists at work, [dunkelbunt] and his Secret Swing Society, Parov Stelar and so on. They’re constantly expanding the horizon of this young genre. Breaking rules and redefining them. We’re doing that of course. So I don’t know how things are gonna develop. But as there’s more and more electro swing available, the crowd starts to develop a sense of quality and doesn’t stand in awe just because there’s a trumpet on that techno beat. Tunes are btound to get better.

Outside the bigger cities many people have never heard of Electro Swing of course.

S.R.: What was the most memorable moment for the band?

Jim Pansen: Having a photo shoot on top of the frozen Baltic Sea!

S.R.: Where can we find more of your music?

Lord Myland: There’s some interesting stuff on youtube and soundcloud that you can find. You can order the vinyl or digital album via our homepage (www.electronic-swing-orchestra.de). Release is 16th August, pre-orders are starting today.

S.R.: What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/producers/bands?

Jim Pansen: We’re expected to say something slightly spiritual and motivating, right? First of all I’d suggest to try to find sounds that you love. Then incorporate them into your music. Allow yourself to be a bit crazy. If people tell you that it’s bullshit, keep doing it and add some more of what they critizised. Constantly change and rearrange your tunes beyond the point of recognition. Revere the sanctity of silence. (Starts getting excited) And then hammer that bass down their necks. Hammer that bass down their greedy throats. Little sound junkies… Give ‘em their fix.. You gotta give ‘em their fix.

S.R.: Ehm, thanks for the interview. 

* Mr. Lloyd A. Sabin (info@urban-distortion.com), an industrious yet shadowy character, seems to be the Electronic Swing Orchestra’s Manager -S.R.



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