Exclusive Interview – Caspar and his 2nd EP release

774114_404317526323025_533399401_oGood Day dear ladies and gentlefolk. We have an interview at the ready for you! Today’s special Guest: Caspar. He is a Dj and Producer from Munich, Germany and a long time Electro Swing fanatic. This is what he says about himself: Caspar // Always fresh on the 1s & 2s!°

Right then. Let’s kick this off.

S.R.: In one sentence: Who is Caspar?

Caspar: Music Lover, DJ, Promoter, Turntablist, Producer, Partyanimal exactly in that Order.

S.R.: What is this EP thing? Tell us about it! We want to know everything – Name, Date, Birthplace, Reason, Involved love entanglements…

Caspar: I had this Chris Barber edit “Everybody loves Barber” I did just for fun in late 2011 with a friend of mine and played it several times on “Its a Swing Thing” parties. Oli, manager of “Its a Swing Thing” and my wingman for this whole Electro Swing Project asked me to use it for one of his promotion videos. People started to be interested and kept asking where they could get the song from so I started producing Swing Beats. You can hear some of them on my first Ep “The Swing Brother”. My new Ep “The 11th Hour” is a step further straight into Electro Swing and Swing House. As my first Ep was just a compilation of edits and much sample work I felt like doing something new. I stored my MPC away and started recording everything on my own. I played and recorded the bass, the guitar, the piano, percussions live and used synths and drums from VST programs.

S.R.: Where can we get it from?

Caspar: It will be released on the 25th of January as a “free Download” on the “Its a Swing Thing” Soundcloud Page.

S.R.: Where can we see you play in the near future?

Caspar: We´re celebrating the release party today in Munich at the Pathos Theatre. I´ll be in Graz on the 2nd and in Stuttgart on the 28 of February. More shows are planed but not confirmed yet. Just check https://www.facebook.com/itsaswingthing for any kind of news !

S.R.: Some general questions – How do you see the Electro-Swing scene progressing?

Caspar: I think its interesting to see how producers in almost every genre started using swing samples and developed different swing styles. When i´m talking about Electro Swing i`m also thinking about Swing House, Swing Hop, Swing Dubstep etc. and I think thats why the whole scene becomes more and more interesting for everybody out there.

S.R.: What’s for breakfast, hunny?

Caspar: Coffee and Cigarettes…

S.R.: Where can we find more of your music?

Caspar: You can get “The Swing Brother” also with a free download on the “Its a Swing Thing” soundcloud page, Swing Mixtapes and a lot of Mixtapes in other different styles like HipHop, Jazz Beats, Breakbeat, Deep House etc. on my Mixcloud Page (http://mixcloud.com/fabi-fabs). I also have a whole bunch of Tracks and Edits I did not release yet but I´m working on it to put them on the Internet soon. All with a free Download.

S.R.: Awesome, what advice would you give to up and coming DJs/producers/bands?

Caspar: Sometimes you gotta just practice for hours and hours, just practice…

S.R: Thanks, Danke and Merci for the Interview. Swing Rebellion signing off!


You can find the EP right here:

Article by Matt (Das Motz)