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Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #5


Greetings Rebels and welcome to another edition of Jamko’s Rebel Roundup. Trying to form any sort of regularity to these has slightly failed, but I will continue to do them as and when time allows. I’ve plenty of new goodies to share with you this time around, with a couple of new faces joining the regular motley crew. Please remember to leave your likes and comments for the artists as they are always greatly appreciated, as well as spreading this Rebel Roundup far and wide, so that great music makes it to the ears of people who should know about it. If you find anything you think should be included in a future Roundup, please fire an email over to

So then ladies and gentleman, I give to you Rebel Roundup #5:


We’ll start things off by welcoming back the French gangsters of Swing – Smokey Joe & The Kid. Armed with an MPC and enough cuts to even give DJ Switch a run for his money, the duo have been blowing up dancefloors across the globe with their live shows. Here they give the Andrews Sisters the gangster treatment with a dirty bassline to boot. Schön is available for free download via their Bandcamp page.

Smokey Joe & The Kid on Facebook


If you haven’t heard of Electric Swing Circus by now, chances are you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so. The 6-piece band from Birmingham have been headlining some of the best stages up and down the UK, as well as apperances in mainland Europe. They curate their own club night Hot Club de Swing, and recently ran their sell-out one day festival Swingamajig. To top it off they’ve recorded their debut album, funded by their fans, which is to be officially released on Ragtime Records in July this year. Having filmed arguably two of the best music videos in the scene, they are now back with their third! This one is for the mighty Valentine (probably one of my favourite tracks from their album), enjoy!

Electric Swing Circus on Facebook

Also, out today is the second release on Birmingham-based label Ragtime Records. The infamous single from Electric Swing Circus – The Penniless Optimist with remixes from C@ in the H@, Vassili Gemini and Sam Redmore. Available to buy through all major digital music outlets.


Having had an epic computer meltdown Howla is now back in the game. With his chunky basslines and quick fire mixes he’s been abusing punters and promoters alike. After only recently discovering Howla myself, I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings to us in the future. Get ‘em Jumpin’ is available to buy through Howla’s Bandcamp page.

Howla on Facebook


Sound Assembly have been making dance floors move across the UK with their futuristic take on the genre which they call “Nu-Skool Swing”. Get ready for banging rhythms, fat ass bass and the downright sleazy swagger of Miss Bloomer. Check out this really cool animated video for their new single Man or Machine.

Sound Assembly on Facebook


No-one has risen in the genre as quickly as Leeds producer Jamie Berry. He has released a large number of brilliant original tracks as well as remixing some of the biggest artists in the Electro Swing scene. His latest creation Sweet Rascal is available to download for free through the Soundcloud link.

Jamie Berry on Facebook


Skeewiff is one of the most prolific producers I’ve ever seen, and his Electro Swing & Gospel breaks album was greatly received by the Electro Swing scene. You can now get your hands on the remix album with remixes from Bart & Baker, Funk Ferret, DJ Love, Vassili Gemini, Cab Canavaral, and Skee. Out now on Juno.

Skeewiff on Facebook


Imagine Mr Scruff drinking cups of tea with The Chemical Brothers whilst babysitting DJ Yoda and you might start to come close to the sounds infused by Grinny Grandad. He’s just released his new 3-track EP The Car Bootleg for free which you can download through his Soundcloud page. Check out the wonderful Swim Fish for an idea of what to expect.

Grinny Grandad on Facebook


The badboys of Electro Swing are back with another banger on Rocstar. This time Dutty Moonshine are joined with remixes from William Breakspear and Beat3. Bodyrocka is available to purchase now through Juno.

Dutty Moonshine on Facebook


2 x UK DMC Champion JFB is well known for his eclectic DJ sets and impeccable scratch routines, whilst also being a damn good producer. This is his second Electro Swing EP released on Freshly Squeezed Music. Swing Bum EP is available to buy through Juno.

JFB on Facebook


London based producer/DJ Tut Tut Child has a deep knack for intricate melodic variation and deep grungy bass. Judging by the response he’s been receiving on this track I think we can expect to see some more Electro Swing arriving in the not too distant future. Juice Joint and Funk is available for free download through his Soundcloud page.

Tut Tut Child on Facebook


So we’ve once again reached the end of another Rebel Roundup. I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of tracks. Please remember to comment on and favourite any of them to show your support to the artist. As always please send me anything you feel deserves a mention in the next article to and I’ll try and include it.

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Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #4


Welcome back Rebels to another Roundup! Things haven’t quite gone to plan recently, but I’m hoping to make these more of a regular occurrence as I had originally intended. Below you will find a stack of tracks that I feel you shouldn’t miss out on from the last month. Please remember to leave your likes and comments for the artists as they are always greatly appreciated, as well as spreading this Rebel Roundup far and wide, so that great music makes it to the people who should know about it.

So without further-a-do let’s get to it!


I think there must be something in the water up in Leeds, as its turning out to be a veritable melting pot for Electro Swing talent! The After Hours Quintet is a fully live outfit featuring Sax, Clarinet, fret-less Bass, Trumpet, Guitar and a turntablist. Check out their latest offering: Red Dust (Swing & Bass Reprise) which Is scheduled for a mid-April release.

The After Hours Quintet on Facebook


Having just finished up their Retro Stomper tour in the UK accompanied by Canada’s Defunk, the Dutty boys have unleashed this monster of a track. In my humble opinion this is their best-to-date and I’m looking forward to seeing what this pair of rascals comes up with next. Available for free download through their Facebook page.

Dutty Moonshine on Facebook


Things have been all quiet on the Kid Kasino front for a while now as he’s had his head down in the studio working on his hotly anticipated debut album. He’s found time to let this little nugget out of the bag though which Phil Doza has made an awesome video for. I recommend checking out his other videos too as he’s done one for C@ in the H@ as well as a number of great Ghetto Funk artists.

Kid Kasino on Facebook


Having received amazing support for its debut release Scoured Cream Vol. 1 as well as winning Best New Label at Breakspoll 2013 , Scour Records , headed up by none other than the infamous Spinforth , are back with Scoured Cream Vol. 2. Full of juicy Ghetto Funk goodness, one that will appeal to the Electro Swing fans for sure is X-Ray Ted’s offering: Jeeves. Available for digital download now via Juno Download

X-Ray Ted on Facebook


I’ve been torn over which track to include from Defunk’s latest EP Spells in this edition, so I’ve just given up and decided to include 2 of them! First up is the Glitch Hop production power-house Blunt Instrument with their stellar remix of “I Put A Spell On You feat. Sam Klass & Vindaloo”.

Blunt Instrument on Facebook

Next up Defunk himself provides this squelchy blues banger: Big Momma T. Really loving the groove on this one. Spells EP is out now on Simplify Recordings available for digital download from Beatport

Defunk on Facebook


Alex Johnston has been working with vocalist Leo Wood and live instrumentalists of late, striving to take Electro Swing in a new direction, one which doesn’t rely on sampling old records. Growly bass and subtle wobbles combined with the amazing voice of Leo. This one is definitely a winner!

Don Johnston on Facebook


Someone else who’s taken a liking to working with instrumentalists is none other than the mighty Odjbox. I may have mentioned once or twice before that I’m a big fan of this guy’s work. Having teamed up with Manouche Guitarist Pierre he’s now treating us to yet another FREE EP available through his Bandcamp page here.

Odjbox on Facebook


Having spent several years experimenting with his sound and honing his skills, French DJ and producer Vassili Gemini has found his genre of choice within Electro Swing. Having produced official remixes for Swing Republic, Bart & Baker and Cab Canavaral he is definitely going to be one to watch in 2013. Free download available via his facebook page here.

Vassili Gemini on Facebook


“After two years of blowing up French, European and American stages, Smokey Joe & The Kid present their first release LP “Nasty Tricks” on French record label Banzaï Lab. A dangerously efficient mix of hip hop, electro and old Swing, that even 2Pac and Al Capone couldn’t say no to… “. Keep your eyes peeled as the duo will be undertaking the Nasty tour in early 2013 so hopefully you’ll be able to catch them in a city near you soon!

Smokey Joe & The Kid on Facebook


Belgian abstract Hip-Hop and Electro Swing produce/DJ Boogie Belgique serves up this wonderful slice of laid back goodness. This one is definitely going to be getting some use in my sets. Available for free download via his SoundCloud page.

Boogie Belgique on Facebook


We are moving into the area of Gypsy and Balkan now with the help of Austrian producer/DJ dunkelbunt. Not to be pinned down to one particular genre or style, he draws influence from many areas through his multiple collaborations with other bands and musicians. I’m really enjoying his remix of Sljivovica – Marco Markovic.

dunkelbunt on Facebook


To finish off this month’s Roundup we’re keeping the gypsy flavour with Mouldy Soul’s mash-up of Woohoo Revue – Fat Tuesday. Please note; if you are easily offended then please avert your gaze from the artwork! ;)

Mouldy Soul on Facebook


So we’ve reached the end of another Rebel Roundup. I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of tracks. Please remember to comment on and favourite any of them to show your support to the artist. As always please send me anything you feel deserves a mention in the next article to and I’ll try and include it.

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Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #3


Happy new year Rebels, and welcome to the first Rebel Roundup of 2013!  I hope you’ll forgive me with this one being slightly overdue as I was intending to put this out before Christmas.  Unfortunately due to a slight technical issue (me being far too keen to get home for the holidays), I left the half written roundup on my work computer, forgetting to take a copy with me.  Even though it’s slightly out of date I’m hoping there are some new tracks in here for everyone that you won’t have discovered yet :)


So we’ll get this one started with S Strong who seems to be becoming a bit of a regular in the Rebel Roundup, and if he’s going to keep putting together tunes like these I think he’ll be back again!  The Greek DJ and producer with “Swing breaks and wobbly grooves for the dubheads” offers up this little freebie entitled The Rover.

S Strong on Facebook


Swing Republic has been on the Electro Swing scene since the very beginning, releasing a wealth of greatly received tracks through Freshly Squeezed.  Their newest album ‘Midnight Calling’ is no exception and producer Per Ebdrup and vocalist Karina Kappel have done an excellent job.  This is the video for ‘High Hats’ which I hope you will enjoy.  Midnight Calling is available to purchase now via Beatport.

Swing Republic on Facebook


There is very little information available as to who The Swing Bot actually are, other than they are from Nimes, France.  This is a remix of The Crystal Spring Ramblers – Fort Worth Stomp and is available for free download via their Soundcloud page.  Don’t forget to thanks them and favourite.

The Swing Bot on Facebook


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who can produce tracks as fast as Skeewiff or to such high quality.  It seems rare that I will log into Soundcloud and not find an excellent new track from the London based duo.  This track is part 1 of a series of EP’s from Bart and Baker which remix some of their classic tracks.  Available to purchase now through iTunes, Beatport, Deezer and Music Me.

Sweewiff on Facebook


Sammy Senior is a New Zealand born DJ and producer currently residing in Chamonix, France.  Specialising in the Ghetto Funk genre he also likes to try his hand at the odd Swing track here and there.  This one dropped today, so it’s hot off the press.  “Gonna Get High” is available for free download so grab a copy now and remember to thank Sammy while you’re at it.

Sammy Senior on Facebook


This is a 4 track EP produced by Germany’s DJ Caspar in 2011, but now available to download for free.  Caspar is the resident DJ for long running party ‘It’s a Swing Thing’ in Munich.

DJ Caspar on Facebook


This is the latest release from Canadian bass monster Defunk on High Chai Recordings.  Defunk has been working extremely hard, releasing the vast majority of his tracks via his Bandcamp page where you can name your price.  Retro Baby is his newest offering, available to purchase now through Beatport where you can use the code JANXMG to get 20% off!

Defunk on Facebook


Taking things in a slightly different direction but staying with our friend from Alberta, we are going a bit bluesy.  I’m not planning on making a habit of including the same artist twice in one Roundup but when Defunk is putting out tracks of this calibre I think it would be rude not to! Banjo Blues is available to download via Juno as part of the Resoul Records – Fully Loaded Vol. 3 release.

Defunk on Facebook


So if you follow me on my Facebook page you’d have seen that I may have let this one out of the bag a bit early…  Hope you’ll forgive me as this was too good not to share straight away.  Keeping things bluesy, download yourself a copy of this Glitch Blues track from Germany’s Minoru via the alternative download link.

Minoru on Facebook


The final track is a collaboration between Bournemouth’s Pugzilla and Southampton’s Envious Mind.  This track is available to buy now as part of Scoured Cream: Vol. 01 which is the debut release from brand new label Scour Records, the brain child of the infamous Spinforth who is part of the Ghetto Funk site.

Pugzilla on Facebook

Envious Mind on Facebook


So we’ve reached the end of another Rebel Roundup.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of tracks.  Please remember to comment on and favourite any of them to show your support to the artist.  As always please send me anything you feel deserves a mention in the next article to and I’ll try and include it.

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Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #2

Hello Swing Rebels and welcome back to Jamko’s Rebel Roundup! It’s been another exciting month for the Electro Swing community, with plenty of fresh and interesting tracks coming out, so I’ve got some tasty little treats to share with you that I hope you’re going to enjoy! Please remember to show your support for the artists by favouriting and commenting on their tracks. Trust me it really makes a big difference!


So I’m going to kick things off this month with a chap who shouldn’t be a stranger to any of you. Hailing from deepest darkest Surrey, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer has been on a personal crusade to re-acquaint the world with the sounds of hip-hop by way of the Queen’s English. Armed with his trusty banjolele, his live recitals have earned him a loyal fan base with people flocking to hear the chap-hop phenomenon. Check out the video for his new track ‘Just like a Chap’ which features a couple of guest appearances. Can you spot them? Free download available on this one in the video description!

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer on Facebook

Now I’ll admit I’d never heard of this duo until I received an email from one of the members offering this track up for the Rebel Roundup! Tumult are a pair of Danish producers: Jakob Sejer-Nielsen and Per Ebdrups. Those names might not mean very much to you out of context, but if I tell you that Per is the man behind the very successful Swing Republic, then you get an idea of the quality of music you can expect to hear. The track itself is fairly old, but has recently been made available for free download, so why not go and grab yourself a copy!


Max Pashm is one of the people behind the Electro Swing Club phenomenon that has seen ESC club nights spring up all over the world. He’s someone I’ve talked to online for a very long time and I finally got to meet earlier this year at Boomtown Fair after he very kindly invited us to come and perform as The Killer Dillers. Here is his new EP, Kikilaki featuring remixes from Shok’s Red Light District, and Typoboy & Alan de Lanière.

Max Pashm on Facebook


This is the second track produced by British group Little Violet. For having profiles on all the social networking platforms they still manage to actually provide no information as to who they are, so I’m afraid this is going to be very short. I do know however, that this is going to be the b-side to their track “Don’t Stop”, which will be available shortly on Cuckoo Records. Great video for this one!

Little Violet on Facebook


The After Hours Quintet hailing from Leeds are a fairly new addition to the growing roster of live Electro Swing acts here in the UK. Formed in April 2012, they combine sax, clarinet, fret-less bass, trumpet, jazz guitar and a turntablist. These guys are going to be one to keep an eye on. Free download on this one entitled ‘You’ll Miss me Honey’.


Clem is a Swiss Deep House and Tech House producer and DJ who has been releasing tracks on various labels since 2010. Clem’s latest EP, Precognitive Man, is out now on Wired, featuring a remix by German powerhouse Shemian. This one is available to buy now on Beatport.

Clem on Facebook


Things seemed to go a bit quiet on eLDOKO’s Soundcloud page for about a year, but I’m glad to see he’s back producing again. Signed to What! What!, the London based producer and DJ aims to bridge the gap between all things Jazz, Swing, Tech and House. This little beauty is an edit of Your No Good by Ken Booth, available for free download on his Soundcloud page.

eLDOKO on Facebook


Chrispop is a producer and DJ from Paderborn, Germany who makes what he describes as “Freestyle wobble funk with skankin’ breaks”. Sounds like a great combination to me! This one samples The Mills Brothers – Digga Digga Doo. He’s going to be giving this one away for free shortly via the Freebreaksblog after they reach 2000 followers.

Chrispop on Facebook

The McMash Clan are a 3 man production and DJ team from London. Their latest EP Swing Break has just been released on Circus Records, the label set up by dubstep giants Flux Pavilion and Dr P. The first track of the EP, also entitled Swing Break, features vocals from Kate Mullins of the Puppini Sisters. This one has already been gaining plenty of support, notably radio play from BBC radio’s Mistajam! Available now for purchase on Beatport and Itunes.

The McMash Clan on Facebook


I’ve been following Odjbox for a couple of years now, and he was probably one of the first people I started following through Soundcloud. He’s given multiple tracks away for free, as well as 2 free EP’s which are available through his bandcamp page. He’s now also one of the resident DJ’s for London’s Electric Empire, so why not go and check him out if you’re in the area. This newest track is entitled Don’t Get Me Wrong ft. Lucinda Belle.

Odjbox on Facebook


This is a brand new one from the Dutty Moonshine boys, hot off the press! They’ve been touring all over the UK promoting their EP Rauchestra Volume 1 this last month, yet still found time to put this banger together. Free download on this, so go grab yourself a copy!

Dutty Moonshine on Facebook


So that brings us to the end of another Rebel Roundup. I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s selection of tracks and remember to tune in next time for more of the same! Don’t forget that if you have something you think deserves a mention, drop me a message to and I’ll try and include it in the next article. Until next time Rebels!

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Jamko’s Rebel Roundup #1

Hello Swing Rebels and welcome to Jamko’s Rebel Roundup! A brand new monthly feature bringing you a selection of tracks I have come across in the last month that I am particularly enjoying and feel should not be missed. Some of these are available as free downloads, others are official releases which are available to purchase, and finally some are forthcoming releases or are waiting to be signed. I hope you enjoy the tracks I’ve chosen, and please remember to show your support to the artists by commenting on and favouriting any that you like. So without further ado let’s get things started!

Kicking things off is a track that has been gaining plenty of support since its release, and rightly so. This is an excellent remix of Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ from Belgian duo Stavroz. Fusing elements of gypsy, jazz and swing with electronic elements they pride themselves on bringing some variation to the game. No 8-bar loops on repeat here! I’m looking forward to seeing what else these two come up with in the future. Free download from the Soundcloud player.

Stavroz on Facebook


It’s always nice to find a new version of a track that has already had a number of remixes. Canada’s MuthaFunkers do a great job on the Ella Fitzgerald classic When I Get Low I Get High. Keep your eyes peeled for a Ghetto Hop remix which is forthcoming. Free download available so remember to thank the guys for this if you like it.


Next up is some more of that wobbly goodness we’ve come to expect from Birmingham’s talented DJ and producer C@ in the H@. He has been on the music scene under various aliases for a number of years now, turning his hand to Electro Swing at the end of last year. This is the third track from his forthcoming Gangster EP.

C@ in the H@ on Facebook


This album has been on the cards for a long time now for Italy’s Swingrowers. I had the pleasure of having the duo play at my own night The Jitterbug back in November last year and they were fantastic. This is the album mini-mix from their debut album “Pronounced Swing Grow’ers”, available for purchase from all good online retailers. Congratulations on the release guys!

Swingrowers on Facebook


This cheeky little Swing-hop mashup from Waggles uses free tracks from Dedy Dredd and Three Loco. Free download on this one, so grab yourselves a copy and remember to leave a comment to thank them while you’re at it.

Waggles on Facebook


I’m afraid I don’t have any information about this guy other than his name is Minoru and he’s from Saarbrücken, Germany. Great Glitch hop track though regardless and it’s free, so go grab a copy!

Minoru on Facebook


Now I’m expecting most of you have heard this one already as it’s been doing the rounds, but in case you haven’t here’s a little number from the 10-piece Pyro Circus Rave Massive that is Slamboree. I got the chance to see these guys play live in the Bassline Circus tent at Boomtown Fair this year and they are simply an audio and visual feast that has to be seen. Free download on this, so once again please show your support.

Slamboree on Facebook


This next one is an original piece of work from Mr. DonJohnston and is 100% sample free. It features vocals from Leo Wood, guitar from Tom Hyland of The Electric Swing Circus, and horns from Paul Cakebread. As a genre that typically relies heavily on sampling classic swing and jazz tracks, could this be the future for Electro Swing?

DonJohnston on Facebook


So I’m including the video for this one because a) I think it’s awesome, and b) I can only find short tasters for the track everywhere else. St. James Ballroom is taken from the album of the same name but appears to be only available in Germany? If anyone finds otherwise please let me know. The group have an upcoming tour in Germany to promote the album launch, and I’m hoping they make their way over to the UK very soon.

Alice Francis on Facebook


This final one isn’t actually Electro Swing, and I would probably call it Glitch Blues, but to be honest is anyone going to mind when it’s this good? Free download on this one courtesy of New Zealand’s K+Lab from his Facebook page.

K+Lab on Facebook


Ok Rebels, that’s it for this month, but fear not as there will be more tunes coming soon. Please get involved by sending me anything you think deserves a mention next time to

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