Beauty in the 1920′s

Beauty in the 1920’s

The 1920’s was that start of a makeup revolution, the 20’s saw a huge change to fashion and makeup. Colour explosions sharp angles and shocking revolt covered the faces of women everywhere. It became an art form, a way of transforming the face, and not just on the stage and in performance as it had been before.

Eye make up was worn heavy and plentiful. Thick shadow was worn on the lids usually in dark colours such as grey or green. The eyes where lined, but not as they are today, eyeliner then was a mixture of soot lead and goose fat! Mascara came in the form of a block which would be heated and then applied to the lashes using a stick or wand. False lashes were applied using the heavy duty mascara.

Using colour on the face became popular in the twenties. Whereas before make up was worn pale in colours such as ivory, the twenties saw the introduction of peach and rose blush (rouge) and women began to sunbathe to achieve that ever popular sun kissed glow!

Lips were dramatic and dark, deep red was the most popular colour. Women lined their lips and exaggerated the shape. The cupids bow was pronounced and the colour was not taken to the edge of the lips. The pout was the definitive mark on any woman’s social status.

Of course, no Electro Swing Event is complete without buying into the vintage look!

Here’s one for the ladies- pin-up made easy!