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The Electric Empire – Electro Swing in London Town

If you havent heard already there is a new Electro Swing night in London town, its called Electric Empire. Its mission is to showcase the best in the scene and fuse turntablists with live musicians, thus creating Decks Drums Swing ‘n’ Bass!

So far there have already been two parties featuring the likes of Dutty Moonshine, JFB, Chris Tofu, Future Swing Stories and Odjbox.

The next night drops this Saturday, May 26th and promises to be the biggest party yet! You could say this is the creme de la creme of the Electro Swing scene right now. Topping the bill will be none other than 3 x DMC World scratching Champion DJ Switch, to say this guy is very good is a massive understatement, he’s a freakin genius! He’s the Mozart of turntables quite literally.

Electric Empire are fully behind the mixup of electric trickery and live music, the second act originating from Birmingham are a very good example of this. Having won best live act at the Electro Swing Peoples Favourite Awards, Electric Swing Circus are quite simply the best at what they are doing! These guys are a 6 piece swing band of epic proportions, they promise to bring an un-missible show which will be a guaranteed party starter. If you live in London and you haven’t seen these guys yet make sure you get your bad self down to this!

It seems you have to of won an award to play at this night, which is why there is no surprise for the the next act. C@ in the H@ again also originates from Birmingham and recently was announced as one of the winners of best remix for Swing Republics track Crazy in Love. Similar to Switch in his approach, this swing set is going to be quite varied i’m sure. If you’re not dancing by this point the C@ in the H@ will swing you into shape!

Link to Facebook event…..

See you by the bass bins : )

Last Orders!!!

Last month I introduced you to London-based funky breaks duo: Skeewiff.  Since then Alex has been extremely busy and managed to put out 15 Electro Swing and Gospel Breaks tracks, which I think is a truly amazing effort!  Congratulations Alex!  I also warned you that he would likely come to his senses at some point, and it seems he has.  You only have until this Friday (18th May) to download these tracks for free before he takes them down, so… “last orders please ladies and gents!!!”.

Head over here for the downloads.

Posted by James (Jamko)

Tales from Freshly Squeezed Remix Competition winners

It may or may not have escaped your notice that the fine people at Freshly Squeezed recently ran a remix competition for Swing Republic’s new song “Crazy in Love”, itself a cover of r’n’b pop-strumpet Beyoncé’s hit. I, along with my comrades over at, have been lucky enough to be granted interviews with the five winners.


JAMKO Exclusive Red Bull Coachella Mix!!!!!!

The people from Red Bull only went and approached electro-swing maestro Jamko to do a  mix for their Speakeasy at the one and only Coachella Festival 2012!!!!

And guess what? you can listen to it HERE

Hang on….. there’s more……

Once Jamko gets 400 facebook ‘likes’ on his page he’s gonna give you the mix for free!! There is no free Tupac hologram to go with this mix, but you don’t need one with tunes this  good.

Jamko on Facebook


Here is a little prelude to an exciting something for ya!!!!!

Back with another set of eclectic swing tunes mashed up into an hour of pure swing mayhem, DJ Dodgy-Style will be providing an exclusive mix for Swing Rebellion, scratching, swinging and mashing his way through hip-hop, DnB, dubstep, glitch and ghetto sounds, expect left turns a plenty, sore feet and possibly a touch of whiplash from snapping your neck in time to some truly infectious beats.

Watch this space to hear the full mix, until then here’s a teaser mash-up he’s provided for free download…

2 Brand new EP’s for free download

I’m back again with more Electro Swing freebies for you all!  This time we’ve got 2 really great EP’s that have just been released.  The first is a collaborative EP from Kiwistar and Josh et le Chat with remixes from Lazlo, CJ Rusky, Makks D, and Voices and Scat Chouaine.  You can get your hands on the “Tennis Swing” EP for free by heading to the bandcamp page here.  Click on Buy Now and then set your price as 0 :)



If you’ve had a listen to the 2nd podcast already, you’ll have heard Lady Swing playing you some Ghetto Swing.  If this sub-genre tickles your fancy I strongly suggest you grab yourself a copy of the new EP “Swung Out Swag” by Defunk and Dads on Display.  Plenty of Ghetto Swing and Ghetto Funk goodness!  You can find that on the bandcamp page here.


Great stuff guys and we look forward to more in the future!

Posted by James (Jamko)

Parov Stelar – The Princess OUT NOW!

2012 is a fantastic year for Electro Swing releases, not so song ago Caravan Palace released PANIC, and now its Parov’s turn to put his hat into the ring with THE PRINCESS.  Soon to go on tour, and playing London May 31st along with festivals like  Beatherder  this summer is going to be huge!  We’ll be getting our hands on a copy as soon as possible – reviews will be on their way…. 

Vaudeville Rave Announce Glade Competition Winners

Vaudeville Rave recently ran a huge mix competition to win a set on their stage at the ravers favourite Glade Festival.

The concept was to present a 6 minute mix- ideally with a supporting video which represents why you’d be the ideal person to win the set. We have to say, the concept was brilliant. Squeezing your creative best into 6 minutes really made all that entered (including the swing rebellion team in various forms!) up their game to create something really special.

Last week they announced the winner as Wolfie Razzmatazz- we thought we’d share his entry with you so you can see why- it really is something special…

Well done Wolfie!

Enjoy – Madame Electrifie x