Here you can find an extensive list of national and international Electro Swing Artists


Bart and BakerBart and Baker ( ) are two venerable French DJ/Producers, dressed in tuxedos and hi hats who are a favourite of celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Marc Jacobs or Max Raabe.
There are many dj’s playing retro style music but what makes Bart&Baker so unique is that they were the first back in 2005 to be able to mix old records with new, remix and revive old 1920’s music, scratching 1940’s and 50’s tracks and generally making new dance music from a vintage source.
As Bart&Baker says, “we pride ourselves on reinvention, using elements that already exist like vintage music, performance styles and costume so we were able to please or uncover the swing music shades of rhythms to both vintage fans and modern kids”.

On april 2010, the global independent label, Wagram Records ( ) did release globally their first project “Bart&Baker presents SWING PARTY”, the first in 4 compilations of Bart&Baker unique selection of vintage music.
Burlesque Swing was released in may 2011, Saint-Germain Café, the Vintage Selection in October 2011 and ElectroSwing IV selected and mixed by Bart&Baker in November 2011.
The duo will release its first EPs in 2012 with the french label ENTOUKA PROD.

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avatars-000028305528-jyt4lo-t200x200Boogie Belgique is the recording name of Oswald Cromheecke (born 18 January 1990, Ekeren, Belgium), a Belgian Producer/DJ. He lives in Ghent and studies Illustration at Sint Lucas, School of Arts. He started in 1999 with music lessons and electric guitar and played in a reggaeband with friends for a while named “Jahfar”. While writing music for “Jahfar”, he started using Ableton. It’s because of this that he started making his own tunes using old samples from the ‘30s and ‘40s albums. His free debut album ” Blueberry Hill” was released with Dusted Wax Kingdom in June 2012.

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BurnitovBurnitov’s the name, and bebop-whomp-ragtime-glitch-Electro-Swingin is the game… expect to hear Hip Hop, Breaks, Ghetto Funk, Dubstep, DnB, Glitch Hop, Electro, House, Techno, Soul, Jazz, Funk and loads of other ish we ain’t even got names for yet in the mix as Burnitov continues to destroy dancefloors with his high energy sets and fun factor turned to 11!

Burnitov is the alias of Matt Seamless who, as a founding member of Liverpool based DJ collective CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix, has developed an inability to stick to a single style for more than twenty minutes.The flexibility of the swing influence in todays music has allowed for Burnitov’s sets to transcend tempos and genre-scapes whilst still maintaining the rather addictive aesthetic of the 1920s/30s/40s – kinda like a big band session but with much, much bigger bass…

Burnitov has also founded Speakeasy – a club night and who knows what else – which launched on Friday 18th March 2011.

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Cab CanavaralCab Canavaral just started to produce electroswing remixes. He is the saxplayer of austrias #1 (Neo-)Swing Combo 5 IN LOVE. He is also organizer of the regular swingparties at the legendary OST KLUB in vienna called “Klub Shwing”. That was the time when he began to work also as Swing DJ for LindyHop Parties.
End of 2010 he started to remix some recordings of the latest 5 IN LOVE album “Swing What You Got” .This was the kick off for several productions and mixes that followed. He founded the live project “Alpha Edison” with the aim to perform his electroswing tracks live.
November 2011 he set up his own radiostation: “Radio Klubshwing”. It broadcasts 24h/7d 100% swing and electroswing! ( the url of the stream is:
If you want to send me promo-copies of your tracks (only officially released tracks can be broadcasted!) write an e-mail to

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Caravan PalaceCaravan Palace is the result of the cross of 3 electronic music composers, with a common passion for “jazz manouche”. By practising that 30′s music in a “classic” band, they realize its great impact , while artists like Sanseverino (in France) or Bireli Lagrene greatly contribute to its influence upon the general public. Februar 2005, they begin the composition of electro-swing jazz manouche oriented tunes, quickly turning into a full-fledged project by the name of Caravan Palace.

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Chris TofuI’ve been Dj’ing since 1995, from enormous stages to street corners, across the world.
I started Dj’ing almost in reaction to the insanely obsessive DJ culture around early Techno and Drum and Bass,I just felt that DJ’ing was as much about “vibe” and talking to an audience as endless technical skills. I’ve never played to any specific dance genre, I just love music that remixes the ancient and the new. Sometimes that makes me really obscure, sometimes pioneering but whatever happens the audience gets it.

I have two lives, as a programmer of 1000s of bands and nights, some legendary clubs and festival stages and occasionally whole festivals, providing me with the canvas to try all this crazy new remixed music’s, quite often making Dj sets and then making the acts I Dj play all night. My days and nights for over 20 years have been at the same coalface, making people dance in front of the barrier to new and unusual sounds.

I run and have run ad Dj’ed till the cows have literally come home at festivals like Glastonbury (I run Shangri La, I programmed Lost Vagueness Music), Bestival, Big Chill, Sydney Festival, and Secret Garden etc

We run our own Club at Festivals called Club Dada and have smashed the @!@$!@ out of 100,000s often in very legendary moments.


Throughout my musical life I have been pursuing a remix of ancient culture’ s and new styles. Myself (and Continental Drifts) were the first in the UK to explore the remix of Gypsy music and beats (Sounds From The Acoustic Ground- Acoustic Sound clash Label) and created a whole Genre which we call GYPSY REMIX in the UK. One of our earliest projects ( 1998) was a insane Remix of Celtic and Roma music with the likes of Faithless and Afro Celt Sound system (Celtic Sound Clash). All the way we have developed live projects , stage shows and massive new music fiend networks in parallel. But it was with Lost Vagueness ( the crazy festival in a festival that was the first to run mad burlesque before anyone else and dress up inside what before were grungy and macho events. I booked 40 piece swing orchestras and then Fat boy Slim, Hip Hop Charleston dancers and Madness, Josephine Baker look-alikes with the Mahala Rai Orkestra, and all the time asking the one question, “where’s the vintage remix? And slowly that’s what happened, acts slowly caught on, Scruff released Get a Move On, lounge music began to use more 78 samples, then the American / French partnership G Swing really crystallised what we know today as ELECTRO SWING. Meanwhile Cumbia the 40/50s Latin Rock and Roll began the remix through bands like Sidestepper, Ska Cubano, Producers like Toy Selectah, all made enough for a monster CUMBIA REMIX , same with Rock And Roll and Ska and Boogaloo the 21st Century is ripping them apart and resetting for the 23rd century

So in the average Dj set you’ll find bits of all the above and of course more. Or specialised sets around many of those genres

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cyril noirCyril Noir is San Francisco’s premier Electro Swing DJ and Music Producer. Swinging electronica sets, he gets the crowd rocking and swinging with his unique blend of dance music and speakeasy swing jazz. The tempo can range from sexy trip-hop up to floor filling electro house. You might call it Swing and Bass

This new genre brings in elements of Prohibition Flappers, Cabaret, Circus,and the crowd follows suite, often times dressing up in Flapper or Steampunk outfits to complete the vibe. Cyril Noir and the Black Kat Kabaret takes the concept one step further with the addition of Neo-Burlesque by Miss Ella Mental.
A well experienced DJ, Cyril Noir has played at many international festivals and parties, including the Glade UK, Boom in portugal, as well as the seminal White Mink parties in Brighton. His first single was released on Freshly Squeezed UK with a full length album on its way.
As the Duke said “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing”

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cat in the hatElectro Swing with bouncy bass.

C@ in the H@ (pronounced: Cat in the Hat) creates a fusion of early twentieth
century swing and jazz, and chunky twenty-first century beats with bouncy
electronic bass.

One of the winners of the Freshly Squeezed remix competition, he now has an official remix
of Swing Republic’s “Crazy in Love” released, available on Freshly Squeezed
Records, with the EP reaching number 1 in the funky/club house chart on

C@ in the H@ DJ sets are aimed at creating a party vibe by making you move your dancin feet, bringing you Electro Swing with aspects of Turntablism, Dubstep, Jungle, House, Reggae & whatever else fits into the melting pot.

No newcomer to the music world, C@ in the H@ has been Djing and producing
under various aliases and groups since 2005, which has seen him damaging
dancefloors all over the country and even as far afield as France, Belgium &

In this time he has been on line ups alongside a diverse range of acts, from
Pendulum to Paul Oakenfold, Public Enemy to Qbert, Correspondents to
Caravan Palace, Breakage to Andy C…

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dasmotzDas Motz is a DJ and promoter from Frankfurt, Germany. Since moving to Nottingham he has played at countless venues across the city including residencies such as Rock City and Marketbar. Since the start of 2010 he has been heavily involved in the Electro Swing scene, playing alongside of many well-known acts such as Dutty Moonshine, DJ Switch, Kiwistar, The Electric Swing Circus, Swingrowers, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, Kormac, Smokey Joe & the Kid amongst many others. Since hosting the Jitterbug with Jamko and Moxophone he got invited to play at many events both nationally and internationally. His energetic sets are a unique mixture of nearly all electronic music genres ranging from Maximal Electro House to Electro Swing and Deep House.
Das Motz is one of the founders and co-promoters for Nottingham’s monthly Electro Swing event: The Jitterbug. Since its launch in October 2011 the night has already played host to Kiwistar, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Swingrowers, Kitten and The Hip,Electric Swing Circus and Sound Assembly.
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Resident with Cabaret Voltaire (Exeter & Bournemouth’s sell-out Electroswing nights). 


Highlights include amongst appearing on various blogs, many support slots, festivals and the like, a guest mix slot on FreshlySqueezed FM, Nick Hollywood’s label’s Brighton radio show, and podcast ES079 on, the world’s first electro-swing website, and Let’s Do Memories (Right Now) (DJ Dodgy-Style Mash-Up Edit) by Barely Legit being included in Spinforth ’s soundcloud scour

“Oh sick Dodgy Style, we used one of his tunes in our recent set and we dig his shiz” – Dutty Moonshine

“DJ Dodgy Style rock the house !!!!! Extremely HooooooOOOOOT !!!” – Julien Incontrol


Dj Du MalA club DJ for the better part of a decade, Myko Du Mal has always been something of a rabble rouser – a career dictated chameleonic assimilation of styles has culminated in the beast you see before you:- Equal parts crowd pleaser to old fashioned eccentric, the byproduct of an outdated upbringing and a newfangled love of technology.

Modern Pop sensibility clashes with titanic Swing favourites to make an accessible, anthemic toe tapping mix that’s guaranteed to leave you smiling and never short of an interesting twist.

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Dj DunyaDj and producer Dunya started traveling as a globetrotter exploring different cultures and tribes. Here he discovered such exquisite sounds he couldn’t find his way back home. Then he started to mix-up with Balkan tunes and old school Swing Jazz. The result is a splendid cross over blend between World Grooves and Jazz Music. By playing with own remixes, spinning his tracks with effects and working with live Sax, Dunya brings the most lethal cocktail to the dance floor. He let them swing, jive, rock and roll in an uplifting modern way.

By investing and promoting new trends like Electro Swing, which recovers old swing tunes with modern electronics, Dunya always surprises the crowd with new and exclusive music. He’s is a pioneer in the new Electro Swing scene and responsible for the Electro Swing Clubs in Belgium.
Played at big international Festivals like Rhythm Of Peace Festival (Marocco), Sun Eclipse Festival (Turkey), Electro Swing Club Utrecht (NL), Electro Chicken Swing (FR)

National: Tomorrowland, Mano Mundo, Polé Polé, Esperanzah, Balkan Beats Europe, Afro Latino Festival, Gentse Feesten, Balkan Beats Antwerp, Electro Swing Club Antwerp , …
Resident Dj: Radio Ultra Modern, Electro Swing Club, Madame Moustache, Burlesque Fever

Played alongside: Parov Stelar (AT), Robert Soko (DE), Max Pashm (UK), MPS Pilot (NL), Buscemi, Bart and Baker (Fr) Merdan Taplak, Gaetano Fabri, Dj Tagada (FR), Typoboy (FR), Tsiganisation Project, Balkan Hotsteppers,

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Dj SwitchAnthony John Culverwell aka DJ Switch aka Tony ’3 Times’ – so called for his three back-to-back world DJ championship titles, as well as his three consecutive UK supremacy & team titles – began moving records at the tender age of 11 but has since conquered the world over with his scratching superpowers. From Africa to Bulgaria, China to Denmark, with countless diverse gigs across his homeland of England under his award-winning belt, he hasn’t looked back.

Not to be confused with nemesis Dave ‘MajorLazerBeyonceTheOtherSwitch’ Taylor, this Switch defines himself through live performance & versatility. Having shared the stage with luminaries from Magnetic Man to Nero, Professor Green to Public Enemy – with DJ sets encompassing multiple genres of choice, stunning track selection, serious turntablism skills that boggle the mind & blink the eye – Anthony is at ease with turning his hands to anything.

A regular guest contributor to 1Xtra, Radio 1 & the BBC Asian Network, he’s performed at clubs, conferences, cinemas, cricket matches & churches. From his involvement with the Alternative Dubstep Orchestra, to his own dubstep scratch crew the Brotherhood Of Filth, to leading at the forefront of the burgeoning Electro Swing scene.

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Don JohnstonDonJohnston has an infectious enthusiasm for quality Electro Swing music. After more than 30 gigs and festival shows last summer including impromptu appearances on The Other Stage at Glastonbury and the main stage at Glade, donJohnston is cutting a swathe across the UK retro party scene. Working closely with Electro Swing Club London, he has put together a team of DJs and performers that run highly successful Electro Swing nights across the UK, as well as playing regular bookings all over Europe. donJohnston’s music can be found in nearly every electro swing DJ’s record bag, with some tracks staying in the Juno download chart for 8 months or more. When Djing he plays a huge collection of vintage sounds brought together with modern dance music for massive effect.

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dunkelbunt[dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann, born in 1979 in Hamburg (D), lives and works as a DJ, composer, producer, radio editor and mixer of spices in Vienna (A) since 2001. His name [dunkelbunt] represents diversity and the ongoing search for ever new musical fusions and styles. [dunkelbunt]´s list of cooperations with bands and musicians seems to be as extensive as the musical waters he crosses.
Being a gifted piano player himself [dunkelbunt] redevelops his own distinctive style and musical sense with every musical influence and every ethnic group he comes across.
Since 2006 Ulf Lindemann travels the world on behalf of his music: cities like New York, San Fransisco, Istanbul, Paris, Melbourne, or Kapstadt were just a few of the stops on his 2007/08 tour to promote his debut album MORGENLANDFAHRT.

MORGENLANDFAHRT is a mélange of Dub, Reggae, Klezmer, Jazz, Electronics, Trip Hop and Break Beats – woven with a Balkan twist. Numerous co-operations with both Viennese and international musicians from the Balkan and Klezmer scenes have enriched many of the tracks on the album, namely performers like 5nizza, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer band, Harry Stojka, Östblocket, MC Killo Killo, Orient Expressions and many more.

MORGENLANDFAHRT is also a result of Ulf´s move from Hamburg to Vienna in 2001. Initially inspired by the rich electronic music scene in Vienna, he quickly encountered the special Viennese musical diversity ranging from the traditional music from the Balkan to the Orient. This historically grown “Melange” of cultural influences from the near and far eastern neighbours has ever since been a specialty of Vienna which gives it an open-minded and pulsating character. Something you can inhale everyday at Vienna’s famous Naschmarkt with it’s babel-esque mix of languages, foods and goods to buy.

It was this side of Vienna, which let Ulf discover his second passion: he mixes and blends exquisite spices from India, Africa, South America and Europe. Both following old recipes and inventing his own he creates Berbere (Ethiopia), Ras el Hanout (Morocco), Coffespiece, Tandori Masala (India), Cinq-epices (China), bread herbs (Austria), herbal salt and many more.

In a certain way cooking and composing seems to be something very similar to [dunkelbunt]. Basically he simply uses different ingredients: herbs or instruments, sounds or colours, taste, smell, or look. It all comes down to the search for an harmoniuos whole. Nuances will come with the seasoning. Food is both – one fort he body, the other fort he soul.

Although the musical essence rests upon the South-eastern corners of Europe, sounds from all around this planet are to be enjoyed: from Vienna to the Balkans, through Anatolia and the Middle East, India, North Africa, not to mention South America, to Jamaica and straight to the swinging North American Thirties.

Answering the question how he himself would describe his sound Lindemann says:

„The world offers a breathtaking plurality of music. It wouldn´t cross my mind to settle for only one style. When DJing I am travelling around the world together with my audience carried on by the music. Timelessly we are dancing through Countries and Continents getting drunk with the infinite beauty of the music. I consider myself an intermediary searching for soulful music and its magic to share it with other people.”

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Dutty MoonshineDutty Moonshine is the creation of Michael Rack and Alex Furley. Both have had years of experience mixing many genres from Hip-Hop to Breaks to Jungle and with a passion for the vaudeville arts the birth of Dutty Moonshine was inevitable.
This duet have played various parts of Europe, headlined some of the UK’s biggest clubs, smashed big stages at festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival and Secret Garden Party and with a tour of the eastcoast of the USA on the cards for 2013, and the duo frequenting Europe all year round you can be sure to see Dutty Moonshine bring back the roaring 20′s.

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Ecklectic MickDaytime playlist mixer at Milgi lounge Cardiff.
The Migli Podcast Archive is very diverse and worth a listen.
All my Soundcloud swing things are oldies warped and sorted for any DJ to use or abuse. Have fun!

Spent most of my life as a Super Realist painter until my eyes went and I ran out of things to say. Have recently started to play with music instead of paint and I’m really having fun. Hope I can make your feet tap or warm your heart.



Electric Swing CircusIf you haven’t heard of the Electric Swing Circus yet, you can bet your bottom dollar you will. This 6 piece Electro Swing troupe fuses cool 20′s swing with fiery electro beats in a dazzling live show.

The Electric Swing Circus burst out of Birmingham in 2011 to take up residency of the Hot Club De Swing, and Electro Swing Club UK wide. Arousing audiences comes naturally to these UK pioneers of Live Electro Swing earning them the coveted title of BEST LIVE ACT in the ElectroSwing Peoples Favorite Awards 2011.

Fronted by the sassy Sisters of Swing with the addition of live drums, fretless bass, gyspy jazz guitar, keys synths and swinging samples. The Electric Swing Circus hotfoots it through Dubstep, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and MORE.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get your glad rags on. The circus is coming to town.

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FSstoriesFUTURE SWING STORIES is aLondon based collective of Producers, Dj’s, Promoters, Bloggers, Designers & to top it all off, a kick ass live act!.
Their sound merges a forgotten era of Swing, Jazz, dixieland, new orleans with the contemporary sound of Big band breaks & bad boy bass.
Some people call it electro swing, we prefer “Ghetto Swing!”
Their music, although very important to the “electro swing” movement, borrows heavily from old school hiphop breaks, Nu-school bass lines, dusty drum loops and swing era samples. arriving at a sound that quenches even the most discerning of the dance music generations thirst.
This vintage revamp will surely leave you with a new understanding of what it really means to “shake a tail feather”.
With their unmistakable sound-mix of swing n bass, Future Swing Stories have created their own unique position in the interplanetary plane of music & urge you to Prepare yourselves folks, for their bass ready remixes and un-coupled fancy dance shenanigans will literally blow your socks off!.
Meet gramophonabilism….
Producers/turntabilists, Jinjah bless, Mr Watts & Father of Cain (of ex-dmc fame) orchestrate the three turntables & abelton, mixing, scratching, mending and blending up the sound in a true yesterYEAH!! style.
The reverend JJ on Trombone & Tuba & Victor Conradsson The Man wielding Clarinetist,
The saucy swing temptress Queeny Moy on lead vocals.

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IncontrolOne of France’s Electro Swing pioneers – DJ / producer / promoter / blogger / tastemaker, incontrol. Since 2007 his DJ mixes have defined the genre. He’s the founder of the world’s 1st electroswing website, an oracle or knowledge for the increasing number of electroswing fans globally.

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JamkoJamko is an Electro Swing DJ, Producer and Promoter based in Nottingham, UK. Since turning his focus to the genre he has had a string of success; being nominated for Best Electro Swing DJ in the Electro Swing Peoples Favourites awards 2011, commissioned by Red Bull North America to produce the mixtape for their Speakeasy at Coachella Festival 2012, and featured in Spinforth’s legendary Soundcloud Scour on the Ghetto Funk website. He has filled supports for Electro Swing pioneers such as Dutty Moonshine, DJ Switch, Kormac, Kiwistar, Future Swing Stories, and Smokey Joe & The Kid. Jamko’s sets contain a unique blend: 1 part Hip-Hop, 2 parts House, a squeeze of Electro and a dash of Dubstep served over hot Jazz and Swing beats. Warning! This music should be consumed responsibly.

Jamko is one of the founders and co-promoters for Nottingham’s monthly Electro Swing event: The Jitterbug. Launching in October 2011 the night has already played host to Kiwistar, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Swingrowers, Kitten and The Hip, Electric Swing Circus, Sound Assembly, DJ Switch, Josh et le Chat and Wolfie Razzmatazz.

In addition to his solo work Jamko is also involved in other Electro Swing projects. He is one third of the Electro Swing trio The Killer Dillers, which has seen him perform at events across the UK and Europe including Boomtown Fair 2012 and München Festival 2012. Jamko is also one of the co-founders and curators of Swing Rebellion, a community-driven information hub for Electro Swing.
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Jem StoneJem Stone is the alter-ego of producer, DJ, artist and filmmaker Jem Panufnik, but you might know him as co-founder and the creative force behind the legendary label Finger Lickin’ Records. Releasing singles and DJing as Soul of Man, Prophets of Sound and Bush Doctors amongst many other guises, Jem is also responsible for the inimitable Finger Lickin’ artwork.

As his Mr Stone alias, Jem has an avenue for all his creative projects that defy genres, categories, rules and often sanity. He has released stomping house tracks in collaboration with Elite Force and Lee Coombs, twisted disco alongside JC, had releases on Finger Lickin’, Thrust and Washington DC’s premier funk label Fort Knox. As a remixer Mr Stone has sprinkled his jazzy dubby funk over tracks by Kraak & Smaak, Smoove & Turrell, Rennie Pilgrem, Drumattic Twins and Lindy Layton.

Add to this a plethora of specially commissioned TV and film music for BBC, Sky, Five, UKLiving, Channel 4 plus numerous soundtracks for live shows including contemporary dance pieces at The Place in London, The Alternative Hair Show at Royal Albert Hall, fashion shows from Sydney to Singapore and most recently the street dance-meets-circus show Cacophony which toured UK theatres last year. To sample Jem Stone’s visual and musical treats, head over to the Youtube link below.

Lately Jem has found a home for his jazzier flappier side at a Brighton label whose philosophy is not far from his own. Freshly Squeezed Music is at the forefront of the nicely bubbling electro swing scene, which means it’s the perfect springboard for Jem’s ragtime-with-beats passion. Electric Circus EP is out now and you can sample some of it in the form of Teleparp (by clicking the Youtube button), taken from the animation he made with his missiz, the Dishonourable Lady P.

Now let me see those jazz hands, people…

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JFBJFB 2 x Uk Dmc Champion 2011/2007

In recent years the art of turntablism has spun off in myriad new directions, with techniques such as video scratching and instant sample creation representing a dramatic sea-change for the discipline. Few artists have been further to the fore of these fresh developments than Brighton’s JFB, a scratch DJ and party starter extraordinaire who won the UK DMC Championship in 2007.
Catch him alongside regular collaborator Beardyman at one of their legendary Battlejam events, and you’ll bear witness to spectacular improvisational skills melded to ultra-cutting edge technology. When Beardy drops a rhyme, it can be instantly sampled and scratched into new forms by the DJ, who’s also capable of throwing random crowd banter, smatterings of live musicianship and even video footage of the audience into the mix.
Yet unlike many turntablists, JFB also knows when to stop beatjuggling and start dropping bombs – ultimately, it’s all about making the people dance. Many of the tunes you’ll hear him spin will be his own recordings on labels like Sludge, Hospital or One Eye Records. This is an artist who’s fully immersed in bass culture, and just as happy spinning hip-hop or jungle as he is breakbeat and dubstep. Allow him free reign to do his thing with a full range of equipment at his command, and the results will be utterly groundbreaking, but set him loose on two turntables and a decent scratch mixer, and the boy will set about producing results that are just as jaw-dropping.

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Josh et le chatJosh Torrent is an accomplished musician and DJ. He worked with many artists such as Ludvig Amadeus, Roxy Rawson and he is also the co-founder of Obey! Noëllie (aka le Chat) is a young photographer that has worked on numerous projects with Josh as a photographer or designer. Their common attraction to all things vintage has inspired them to create the group Josh et le Chat. They are the new residents of the Electro Swing Club (London) created by the infamous Chris Tofu which has allowed them to play alongside big acts such as The Correspondents and The Sweet Life Society.

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Kid KasinoKid Kasino is a UK Ghetto Swing producer mixing the sounds of swing with hip-hop, funk and dub-step influences

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Kitten and the HipGreat club act, with the beautiful Kitten Quinn on vocals and Ashley Slater plus two other renegades forming a tight horn section to accompany.

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KiwistarKiwistar from Paris is an electro-swing DJ.
Swinging on the new electro wave, Kiwistar mixes Jazz styles including French touch and Dubstep.
For the last two years he puts the heat on at the French, English and german parties composing and decomposing the Doo Be Doo swing style with Bart & Baker, The Correspondents, 6U5, Dutty Moonshine, Swing Republic….
In December 2011, then be the third in 2010, Kiwistar was elected the best DJ at the Electro Swing People’s Favorite.
In 2011, he released a remix of The Simpson’s theme and a first Mashup “Dream a Bloody Dream of”, whiches were a success particularly in USA and UK.

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Klischee«Klischée» is a Electro-Swing duo from Berne, Switzerland. The two music students with their flair for Jazz and Electro combine these two opposing styles in an unconventional, refreshing way. The result is great sound you just gotta shake your leg to. The tracks are elaborately produced with analog synthesizers, acoustic instruments and electronic beats. «Klischée» manages to transport Swing and Gipsy Jazz into the 21st century.

For the live performance the duo is being joined by VJs. In tune with the music, they will be streaming visuals consisting of hand-drawn typography, various pictures and graphics.

An evening with «Klischée» is a treat not only for your legs and ears but for your eyes as well. To put it simply: your whole self will benefit. Even more simply: it’s good for you. So come on down and don’t miss out, you bastards!

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KormacKormac has been releasing as a solo artist since 2007 releasing The Scratch Marchin’, Good Lord and Showtime EPs worldwide.
He released his debut album, Word Play, on Scribble Records in 2010. It features DJ Yoda, Koaste (Black Grass,) DJ Cheeba (Solid Steel/Ninja Tunes,) Messiah J & The Expert and MC Little Tree.
He will be releasing two new singles and his sophmore album during 2012.
Kormac’s Big Band
An 11-piece orchestra playing Kormac’s tracks. A mix of live turntables, samplers, drums, double bass, barbershop quartet, trumpet, clarinet, banjo and live visuals.
They’ve recently played peak time slots at Glastonbury, Bestival, Womad, Shambala, the Electric Picnic & Body & Soul festivals, toured with Portishead, The Flaming Lips, Death in Vegas and Beardyman and performed all over the world with recent European and Australian tours.
Kormac will be taking a new solo show on the road this winter. Armed with new DJ technology, he now plays, scratches and manipulates audio AND video using turntables. The first airing of this new show took place in Dublin with regular collaborator VJ Q The Monkey (watch the video here.) Kormac is now touring the show solo, playing all content himself.
Kormac DJ’s all over Ireland, the UK and Europe playing scratched-up genre-bending, dancefloor orientated sets

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LazloLazlo’s sound is the amalgamation of his multiple loves in music,
it melts electronic beats with a subtle use of vintage sounds in a way
that’s called today ElectroSwing but Lazlo’s sound can be funky, ska, minimal electro or even pop.
The common point between all his tunes are their aim to make you move your feet’n'booty listening to bouncy refashioned vintage sounds.

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lordjusticeA new a addition to the Electro-Swing-Club, LordJustice brings to you the finest in British electro swing. Old fashioned as he is, he mixes everything per hand, providing a 1920s retrospective spanning everything with a jive, a groove or a swing to it. Obscure samples and cinematic breaks is what sets LordJustice apart from the rest, this vinyl archaeologist is someone deffinitley not to be missed.


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Lyre le TempsLyre le Temps, it’s the dream of three music lovers: to travel around the 20th century. Althought each of them features a different musical universe, they all share the same interest for the musical trends which have influenced the 20th century – especially the jazz. They produced their first album “LADY SWING” in 2010, distributed by Irfan the label.

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Madame ElectrifieMadame Electrifie is the brainchild of DJ little Jo (Madame Electrifie) and swing goddess Lizzie (Lady Swing) Hawkins. Fusing together their love of all things vintage with a love of dirty bass driven music.

Our Night, Madame Electrifie’s Discotech, fuses the best of the 20′,30′s and 40′s with the best of the modern age. Taking the swing sound and threading through hip hop, house, breaks and drum and bass to create a raucous dance floor focused sound.

Availble to book as DJ’s, or to present the full production, which features showgirls, dancers, percussionists, show stopping production and some added sleeze for good measure…

Its time to party like sits 1929…

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Max PashmPurveyor of ‘Electro Swing, Gypsy Breaks and Balkan Beats.’
Twisting the music of the the first great depression with the technology and sounds of the second depression





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MinimaticMade in France. in 1970.
Producer, composer, remixer & dj.
electro-soul, deep60′s hip-groove, cosmic-disco, hard funk chacha, kraut-swing, retro-mashup.

boss of Tour Eiffel Records (FR).
other releases on ChinChin (DE), VadimMusic (FR)

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Mirk OhMirk Oh is the friendly dude from Switzerland. Born in the former Yugoslavia, he moved to Bern, Switzerland at the age of 10. Currently living in Zurich, the hub of central Europe`s electro scene.

He has experimented in a wide variety of music genres, beginning with singing in a gospel choir, playing guitar in a punk band, spinning early drum n’ base tunes and climbing over fences to get to the first techno parties.

He’s an individualist who likes to challenge, leading to his current eclectic style.

He began music seriously in 2008 with the introduction of events of the hugely successful Balkan Beats gigs in Switzerland, attracting crowds with his music choice, and establishing him as a force to be reckoned with further afield.

The successful merger of his homeland tunes, fused with electro beats, inspired him to explore other avenues such as Electro Swing. Continuously evolving, his music appeals to everyone. Expect to be drawn in because of its fresh, brash bassy beats in pure Swing style with a clean cut electro injection.

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MortisvilleEmanating from the wild and depraved citadel of Brighton, Mortisville landed in Australia with the mischievous intent of bringing his city’s own debaucherous brand of speakeasy and Electro Swing to the Antipidies.
Having witnessed the genre grow and flourish in his home town, Mortisville sought to recreate the 1920′s and 30′s madness in Australia. Seven months on, after rip-roaring sets at Culture Jam’s ‘Sneaky Beats’, ‘Sunday School’ Royal Doof and Hellzapoppin’, His dastardly mission appears to be gathering pace. Many in Australia now know the term Electro Swing and countless more will follow in the months ahead.
Mortisville has embraced a genre that is constantly expanding, taking elements of balkan, breaks, dubstep and even drum and bass into new and exciting realms. The one thing you can be sure of from a Mortisville set is that it will have you up and dancing before you can say swing it!
Mortisville is the co founder of Hellzapoppin’ a new and successful speakeasy based in Melbourne, that couples Electro Swing and burlesque with live bands such as Woohoo Revue and Tek Tek.



The Swedish hiphop/swing band Movits! are making their way through the music world, aiming for the top of the charts. A place they’ve already visited once with their ’08 debut “Äppelknyckarjazz”. After appearing on the American talk show “the Colbert Report” the album climbed to number one spots on both iTunes and Amazon charts. Notable here is that these were American charts and Movits! are singing in Swedish, a language quite far from the lingua franca of the US.
They have indeed come far since the days spent in the family house in Luleå. There, in the most northern part of Sweden, Johan and Anders, brothers and band mates, began developing what would later become Movits!.
“In those days we were more into acoustic hiphop and reggae” Anders says. “It was just acoustic guitar, organ and cajun.”
They released an EP under the name Planeten Jorden (Planet Earth) called “Frihetssånger i Retro Adidas” (Freedomsongs in Retro Adidas).
The brothers don’t seem to have any problems working together as they have fairly marked out roles to play. Johan, the lead singer, is the lyrics author and chorus builder, while Anders, the DJ, is the producer.
“We’ve always been on the same track when it comes to music” Johan says. “And it’s an advantage to work with your brother. If things slow down we can always stage a Gallagher-fight, to fan the media”
The duo turned trio when the Rensfeldt-brothers were joined by saxophone player Joakim Nilsson and together they took Frihetssånger i Retroadidas on a summerfestival tour in 2005. It was at an after-party to one of these festivals they discovered the swing.
“It was like a three-way, simultaneous revelation” Joakim remembers. “We were out dancing in a backyard, when someone put on Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing”. The three of us were totally blown away!”
After that, their music took a new direction. Inspired by the drums and the horns of the swing era, they started working on the music that would later be known as Äppelknyckarjazz (Applestealingjazz, named after the apple-stealing trousers worn by Swedish street kids in the ’30s and ’40s). Using a dozen different musicians they recorded the album, a process that took more than three years.
“Coming from an acoustic background, we didn’t want to use samples. I guess it would have been faster, but I don’t think the result would have been as good.” Anders contemplates.
In the midst of all this, the band decided to change their name.
“We felt that Planeten Jorden didn’t really represent the new direction our music had taken” Johan explains. The choice fell on Movits, after the Swedish 18th century musician Father Movitz, sung about by the national musical hero Carl Michael Bellman. The name especially highlights the influence of old Swedish songlyrics in Johan’s writing. With a new name and new music, Movits! were on their way to produce their first full-length album.
If the first single of the record, “Swing för Hyresgästföreningen” went by fairly unnoticed, the second made a bigger impact. With a 13:th place on Sweden’s Tracks-listan and frequent airtime on P3 (channel 3 on Sweden’s national radio) it’s safe to say that “Äppelknyckarjazz” is Movits!’ breakthrough single. It was released in May 2008 and after that things really started to happen.
After releasing their debut November 2008, they started to play bigger venues in Scandinavia. With gigs every weekend for months, the name Movits! was getting more and more recognized. It still came as a big surprise to the band when they were contacted by the staff at the Colbert Report.
“We really didn’t think we’d ever play outside of Scandinavia, being as we sing in Swedish”, Joakim says. “And definitely not in the States!”
Stephen Colbert had found the video to the single “Fel del av Gården” on a forum and despite the linguistic difference, he decided to invite Movits! to perform on his show. On July 27 they played on the Colbert Report and the rest is modern hiphop history.
Following up on their success in USA, Movits! embarked on a nation wide tour in January 2010. They were accompanied by fellow Swedish rapper Zacke and a filming crew, documenting every step they took. With sold out dates in all big cities, the “First we take Manhattan Tour” marked the start of a buisy year for Movits!
During the spring and summer of 2010 Movits! have been expanding their reach in Europe. The have toured England, including playing at the Glastonbury Festival seven times, and played festivals in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Macedonia and Shanghai. They have also appeared on national television in Sweden and perform on BBC Radio 1 sessions in London.
During the fall they have been recording their second album, which will be released worldwide during the first quarter of 2011. It’s safe to say Movits! are on their way up. And if things slow down, there’s always the Gallagher-card to play.

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Greetings! I am Mr. Scruff, DJ, Producer, Cartoonist & Tea Drinker.
As a DJ, I play across the board, including Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Dubstep, Latin, African, Ska, Disco, House, Funk, Breaks, Soundtracks & loads more. As a producer I make music that draws on these influences, with a large dose of cheek & good humour. My cartoon drawings illustrate this website, my gig flyers & record/cd covers. I also have a tea company (more info at There follows a rambling overview of what i have been up to for the last 20-odd years.

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Mr.WooX (CRO, Balkan Kolektiv)

DJ / Producer and Promoter hailing from the city of Rijeka, Croatia!

(Swing hop, Ghetto Swing, Electro Swing)

Pioneer of Electro Swing music in Croatia and in teritory of Ex-Yugoslavia. Ambassador of Electro Swing music to Croatia and the whole wide world!

Mr. WooX grew up on the sounds of blues, jazz & swing, funk. Later on discovers oldschool hip hop from which he takes only the rawest and fattest sounds and beats – ( under influence of House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Gangstarr ) and DJ’s such as DJ Krush, DJ Muggs, DJ Premiere, DJ Lethal, Pete Rock… Shortly after comes the phase of trip hop which perfectly combines vintage, misty sounds of jazz and swing with easy going beats…The biggest influence is from Ninja Tune label and it’s artist such as ( The Herbaliser, Kid Koala, Mr. Scruff, Coldcut, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Dj Food, Kentaro, Eskmo etc. ) And finally after hearing Parov Stelar’s music comes the exploring of Electro Swing music, and all of it’s artists and genre combining…That’s the music which occupies him mostly nowadays.

Mr.WooX recieved support from many big names among the swing royalty such as : Bart & Baker, C@ in the H@, Cab Canavaral, Dutty Moonshine, Freshly Squeezed Music, Future Swing Stories, Grant Lazlo, Incontrol, Kiwistar, Kid Kasino, Nuno Endo, Odjbox, Pat Poree, Savages Y Suefo, Skeewiff, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Sound Nomaden…Just to name the few!

Mr.WooX is croatian first name of Electro Swing, and he is just starting!


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Variously described as the “godfather of electro swing” (The Guardian) and a “suave impressario” (The Independent), Nick is a serial zietgeist-spotter, DJ and record-producer. Widely regarded as a luminary of the lounge, cabaret and burlesque revivals of the late ’90s / early naughties, Nick first rose to notoriety as the co-founder of Club Montepulciano, a legendary name that became hugely influential in leading a cultural re-imagining of vintage inspired themes. Following a long and successful run with Club M, Nick launched Freshly Squeezed Music, his own label, which in turn has enjoyed critical acclaim and album chart-topping success with White Mink: Black Cotton, a series of double CD compilations featuring 1920s and ’30s influenced dance floor sounds versus rediscovered and remastered gems from original 78s.


Native born Transilvanian, now Brighton based DJ/performer, Nico has carved her own niche with a unique blend of Balkan/Swing & Electro sounds, the emphasis is on the Balkan!
Often combining live tuba, clarinetists, dancers and aerialists in her performance, Nico is the consummate entertainer. Her infectious upbeat energy behind the turntables as she smiles and dances unleashing slabs of brass, gypsy folk songs, swing basslines all underpinned with a heavy electronic beat for the dance floor has seen her booked world wide at events such as The Big Chill, Secret Garden, Bestival, Solid like Rock(Romania) , Brighton festival, Eurocultured as well as her own night ‘Super Mishto’ in Brighton and Bucharest. “The music that I play is influenced by my childhood memories of gypsies, communist fanfara music, old french cafe music, traditional folk” says Nico, ” and my teenage years of clubbing till the early hours to a mixture of gypsy sounds, electronica, rock, drum and bass, broken beat, swing, funk and so on. I like experimenting and combining the traditional feel with new cutting edge sounds”

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I have passing (through the ears) interest in Studio One, especially the keys of Jackie Mittoo, also in Northern Soul, the Philly International sound, Dozier/Holland, the history of hip hop from funk, soul, breaks, disco, fusion and rock fascinates me from the late 70′s stuff up and into the early 90′s hip hop of ATCQ, Pete Rock J Dilla. The legendary Loft parties of David Mancuso. I like what DJ Marky and Patife and crew are doing with drum n bass down in Brazil. Quantic continues to amaze with his move towards a live sound. His residence in Columbia has heavily influenced his sound. Over on Italy’s Adriatic Coast in Bari is the ‘Fez Collective’ including Nicola Conte and Gianluca Petrella and their Schema Records. The pure quality of their Med-Jazz leaves me needling for more everytime. Up in Norway we have Prins Thomas with Lindstromm and Todd Terje serving up landscapes on wax. The always impressive Strut Records keep getting their hands on classic back catalogues and releasing pearls from the past on a new and needy audience and of course the ol warhorse Gilles Peterson still continues to deliver at home and from abroad and still on Radio1. To this day I still enjoy spending time looking for ‘that tune’ only instead of using the original belt drive Soundlabs I now put my stuff together on laptop using Ableton. The sounds of my projects and ideas are bourne from the different experiences, names, lifestyles, sounds, thoughts, scenes and after 18 or more proper years of listening to quality underground music my own personal favourite flavours. From Gaye to Garnier, Holliday to The Herbaliser and every last great tunesmith ever born………..well what can I say!

And then there is the swng…… I stumbled across this fascinating new genre about year ago and have been dj’ing in this since. I still love the jazzed hip hop mixes and there is more to come up to be interspersed by the electroswing thing, via some of the fantastic artists such as Swing Republic, Parov Stelar, Chinese Man, Tavo, Shemian, Enzo Siffredi, and Bastian Schuster, Analogik, Dutty Moonshine, 4Peace, Club De Belugas, Le KKC Orchestra, The Movits, The Correspondants, James Curd, Wattie Green, Sout Of Roosevelt and the ever growing scene in the UK Im keeping my heart and eye on this.

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With his unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz- and Swing samples and electronic music, Parov Stelar has secured his own unique position in the world of music.

After his initial record releases, using different aliases as well as his real name, Marcus Füreder founded Etage Noir Recordings in 2003. Since then he has released all music under the moniker Parov Stelar.
In 2004 his „KissKiss EP“ and the soon after released album LP „Rough Cuts“ provided his breakthrough in the international electronic music scene. His uncommon approach to music-production combined with an assured sense of sound-aesthetics led to massive respect from his colleagues and the reputation as the pioneer of a new genre (which Rainer Trüby once called „Minimal Jazz House“)
The following albums „Seven and Storm“ and „Shine“, as well as numerous singles and remixes made Parov Stelar one of the most reliable and successful artists of his kind.
His tracks have been used in numerous TV-ads and soundtracks, while being licensed to more than 600 compilations.

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Phil Mac is an Irish DJ and producer based in London.

After many years producing Phil Mac has come to be known for his dancefloor friendly remixes with the likes of Drum and Bass superstar John B showcasing his tracks on his famous podcast.

More recently Phil Mac has taken to the emerging Electro Swing scene, both producing fresh new Electro Swing tracks and DJing at some of the best known Electro Swing nights in the UK.

Phil Mac’s Let’s Swing Again EP was recently signed to US label Juiced Music, run by Swing House veterans 4 Peace and J Caprice. Juiced Music has seen classic Electro Swing releases from the likes of Wattie Green and the Corduroy Mavericks.

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Phos Toni is a huge fan of Electro Swing and Balkan House sounds – and in his case, there is actually more to that than just music nerdism.
“My parents are from the northern part of Greece and I was more or less forced to listen to music from that area since I was a kid. I used to hate this stuff when I was younger, but today I think that some of this is actually quite cool. For example, I like some traditional Pontic dance music like Serra or the dance that was performed for the Olympics in 2004. I also have a few songs on vinyl, and I do want to play around with that material and create some cool remixes.”

Phos Toni lives in Wiesbaden (Germany), and besides Balkan music, the Techno clubs of nearby Frankfurt have been a strong influence for him.

“I bought my first vinyl records when I was 13 years old. I didn’t even have turntables then, but I was simply fascinated from I heard about Techno clubs like Dorian Grey or Omen. Later, I tried to combine traditional Greek music with hard Techno. My first experiments really sucked, but I still like the idea. Today, I would even consider Balken House a genre of its own, and I am a big fan of this. It’s quite close to Electro Swing, which is also very cool.”

The next chance to hear Phos Toni will be the Balktantronika party at the Privatclub Berlin on December 4th, and he is very excited about this.

“It won’t be a huge party, but I am happy that I get to play my style there. What I really like about Berlin is that the event organizers and club owners are much more open there than in other cities. In many clubs, you just hear the same stuff that is played in 10 other clubs in the same city. For a city like Frankfurt that used to be one of the pioneering cities for electronic music in Germany, this is really a shame.”

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Rockethead is stirring up the electro-scene of Bremen and Hamburg since 2008 with a blend of vintage sounds & modern technology.

What started on small underground partys in Bremen, soon evolved and found it ́s way onto the bigger venues in Germany.

Now Rockethead can often be found blasting off in the legendary “Docks Club” on Hamburg ́s Reeperbahn and on this years “Fusion-Festival” near Berlin.

Since 2010, Rockethead spices up his sets with self produced tracks like “Swing Thing” & “Slapstick”. Some remixes of Rockethead-tracks can already be found throughout the Internet and also pave their way into digital record-stores of the terran cyberspace.

He is a guarantee for a night full of colorful music, always walking on the thin line between science-fiction & the swinging charm of the twenties.

Get ready for blast-off!

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It is by the encounter of two musicians with two very different backgrounds that the SWINGROWERS attitude starts to come to light. A style involving 4 generations, melting togheter a fresh dance sound with the warm influence of old swing records. The whole electronic and musical engine is started by Pisk (Roberto Costa), one among the most active electronic musician from Palermo, perfectly followed by one of the best voices in Palermo, Loredana Grimaudo. Even though they are involved in other solo side project, they are currently working to their first record, a mix of original songs and old sounds remixed in a new style, defined as Electro Swing…

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Sneeking out of the rave circuit and onto the electro swing scene, whilst keeping one foot firmly on Breakbeat, and the other tickling DnB in its face – RuDe Remark’s tunes and skills sweep the lot. He’s a Madame Electrifie’s resident but you’ll definitely find him scuttling about the country with his record box popping up in Bristol, Exeter and any other place the sound system may be.

Check out his mix on Swing Rebellion’s 2nd podcast – PHAT!!

email for bookings


Based in London, Sacha has been djing professionally since the late 90s. Sacha can play many genres and styles (From 1920s Jazz to Rhythm and Blues to the latest remixes. Obscurities from around the world to well known classics). Sacha adapts his sets for each new occasion.

However, he is reputed for being one of the pioneers and specialists of Balkan Gypsy Music and Global Beats djing in the UK.

He is the co-founder and resident DJ of “Stranger than Paradise”, the infamous 9-year running Gypsy Burlesque monthly event, held now at the Hootananny in Brixton, London.

2011 was a busy year for Sacha, apart from djing at events like: White Mischief, Rumpus, Balkan Beats, Wormfood, Movimientos, Little Blue Ball, Goulash Disko and the London Burlesque Festival, he has now become the resident dj for the London French Insitute parties and also for the Prohibition, Belle Epoque, Blitz Party events.



With his unmistakeable sound of jazz, swing and house, Shemian has established himself as one of the top international music producers of the recent years.
The last two years were very thrilling.
After the successful release called 1927 on, at that time brand new Label from Aka Aka, Burlesque Musique, Shemian also released seven EP’s and five stunning Remixes. Furthermore he was featured on 20 different Compilations beside names like Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, Steve Angello, Avicii and Parov Stelar, just to name a few.

The above mentioned productions made sure that Shemian is listed on Wikipedia as one of the pioneer`s of a new genre called Electro Swing. As a side benefit Shemian was getting more and more supported by the biggest names in business and his name were many a time common in the beatport-charts. Moreover his tracks had been played several times on tv and radio shows.

In the near future are a few things planed and his debut album “Jazzylicious” comes up next!



Freear assembled Slamboree at the start of 2011 by rounding up a small army of his favourite musicians and performers and it quickly grew into it’s own via some very warped synchronicities. It’s now taken shape to be a 10-piece live band with a Smörgåsbord of circus performers, daredevils and entertainers. We take each show as it comes, assembling a different crew from our collective for each show and every gig is very different to the last.

Musically it fuses bass-driven beats with live orchestra, guitars, percussion, loops, visuals, brass, accordian, pyrotechnics and circus. The genres bounce around breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, dub, techno and electro fused with balkan, folk, and ‘gypsy’ flavours… all original and all live.

Within this very first year together we’ve been fortunate enough to perform our live shows at some amazing places such as Glastonbury Festival, Electric Picnic, Boomtown, Shambala, Beatherder, Kendal Calling and the River Thames in London.

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Smokey Joe & The Kid c’est l’association d’un ponte de la mafia musicale bordelaise avec le parisien The Kid (aka Senbeï), gamin insolent passé maître dans l’art du turntablism.

Un concept basé sur l’esthétique gangster des années 30, entrainé par des remixes et des compositions originales dans la veine Electro/HipHop/Swing.

Dire que leurs représentations sont énergiques et délurées serait un euphémisme. Alors autant ne pas contrarier le duo car c’est Smokey Joe qui le dit « Le premier qui moufte j’lui colle un remix dans l’buffet ! ».

Vous ne direz pas qu’on ne vous a pas prévenu…

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Producer/DJ/Blogger/Podcaster focussed on Electro Swing & Global Beats

Sound Nomaden is the synonym for one of the most active DJ, Producer and Blogger focussed on Electro Swing and Global Beats based in Germany. He’s a pioneer in mixing Swing, Jazz and World with House and Tech-Beats, Dubstep or Breaks, making every crowd getting totally crazy to his positive sound. He’s writing for and always on the run for the freshest Global Club tunes.

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SOUND ASSEMBLY presents…A sideshow synthetic sensation!

SOUND ASSEMBLY bring you a fresh live mix of sultry vintage sounds, a truck load of attitude and a good dose of downright dirty dance-floor beats.

Founder of London’s world famous Electro Swing Club said: “These jumping electro-swingers, swept the audience aside with a wave of good beats”.

Latest review said: “The band have a strong and confident stage presence…their sound carries elements of swing along in a new and fresh direction…very danceable…stirring up a strong emotion and keeping the audience on the dance-floor…I’m looking forward to seeing Sound Assembly again soon.” (Lancaster Guardian)

And the people said:
“Had a fab time – great to see you guys play and hope to again!”
“brilliant Fri night”
“awesome ! “
“Sound Assembly were fantastic!”
So put your hands together, breathe it in… hold onto your hats while we begin!

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Electro swing project with old jazz and a positive vibe. Fito Bolai is the president of Swing Republic. His music is inspired by various cultures. Fito
combines the spirituality and emotional expressions from the past with the electronic
technology of the future. His music reflects the open-mindedness of hippie culture and
hypnotic rhythms of industry. Fito Bolai has a globalized and worldly mindset. “Emotional
Technology” is one of the leading principles in Fito ́s approach to the musical landscapes
and cities of Swing Republic. In the city Techville the machines live with beautiful
manipulation and physical rhythm. In Emotia the sound and shades from the past live in
the shape of legendary jazz artists, old movies and with complexity in emotional
communication. Ethnico City is home of percussion and many other instruments. They live
in beautiful disharmony and mutual inspiration. Fito throw giant parties where inhabitants
from the cities get together and mix with each other in a relaxed – yet intense atmosphere.
Fito is the collector of new styles and fusions; like a gardener in a fascinating oasis of
music and visuals.

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Gustavo Sandoval aka TAVO has been a DJ for over half of his life. His career started 20 years ago and now it’s stronger than ever. With a vast International experience behind the decks, TAVO has raised the hands of crowds in many cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
His International career can be summed in three different stages. It picked up in 1996 when he was awarded a World Record Guinness title after spending 127.2’3” hours mixing non stop in a local Radio Station in Cali, Colombia, it was this what made him realize the potential on an International career and after touring all over Latin America he was offered a residence in the legendary nightclub Rock Café in Panama City. From there and after a successful experience, he was offered a residence in Tokyo, where just after a few daysand thanks to his amazing open format style, he became one of the must recognized figures of Roppongi’s club scene.After this great experience and believing in the promising development of the Asian market, he relocated in China where he was offered one of the spots in the must important DJ Agency in Shanghai, he performed thanks to this deal, in over 40 cities of this vast country, one of them Lhasa, where he became the first Colombian (and foreign DJ) to play in Tibet.
The page has now turned with a brand new focus and a new adventure, TAVO is located in Romania and is focusing on the European market one that is listening to him due to his massive Electro Swing track “Hollywood (Black & Tan) released by Bedroom Muzik a well know International Music Label that choose him as one of their flag producers.
Many surprises are coming, gigs in Europe, Asia and the Americas will follow and TAVO’s World Tour will continue for as long as he has energy to share his music…


The Correspondents. Mr Bruce and Chucks find it difficult to explain exactly what music they make. Into the mixing pot Chucks throws a history of dance music from Jazz to 60’s Beat, Electro to Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass, then back again. Seasoned with Mr Bruce’s vocals depicting the trials and errors of Love, Lust and Loss and there you have a menu to be devoured.

Their live shows explode the structure of a DJ/MC set up with Chucks hurling tracks at the audience and Mr Bruce in fully flamboyant costume whipping them into a frenzy with high speed scatting and incredulous dance moves. And last festival season saw them on main stages with a brass section, an infra-red sensored light box together with the trusty conveyor belt dance platform. This has earned them The Telegraph’s Top Ten Highlights of Glastonbury two years in a row.

The debut EP ‘Whatʼs Happened to Soho?’ was released in April 2011. It is a mini-concept in itself with a beginning, middle and end, which is intended to be listened to from start to finish and references numerous different genres while settling on none.

November 2011 sees the release of their first single, ‘Cheating With You’; A twisted love song carried on the back of a growling electro beast which explores a new sound for The Correspondents. Road tested at all the major festivals this year, Cheating With You is already a firm favourite with thousands of fans.

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The Killer Dillers (previously known as Trip for Biscuits) are an Electro Swing trio who have been stirring up audiences across the UK and Europe with exciting audio/visual shows, infused with live walkabout sax. TKD have performed at many venues including White Mink (London, UK), Hot Club (Wiesbaden, DE), Monza (Frankfurt, DE) and Hot Club de Swing (Birmingham, UK).

The trio is made up of Jamko, Das Motz and Max Grant, who are the promoters pushing the scene in the East Midlands, hosting The Jitterbug on the first Friday of every month in Nottingham. Individually they have played at numerous events including Rumpus (London, UK), Playgroup Festival (Brighton, UK), Vaudeville Rave (Oxford, UK) and The Wall Street Mash (Manchester, UK).

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I’m a DJ/Photographer based in London.

I have been DJing since the mid 80′s, playing Funk, Soul, Disco, House, Techno, Electro, Lounge, Jazz, Swing, Dub, Electronica, R&B, Soundtracks, Ska and blah blah blah!… etc… well!… “Who Cares?”… as long as it’s good.

DJ and promoter for clubs such as SPOON at Fish, Oxford St, London – Cake at Eves, Regent St, London – Illegalnature at The Clinic, Gerrard St – Whoops! at R.O.A.R. Hatfield, Hertfordshire – A Club Called Colin in many different locations, Central London – HaveN4, The Larrick, Crouch Hill, London and The Big Chill Bar, Brick Lane – Not forgetting Turnmills for seven crazy years, and many many others.

The last few years I have been quietly Djing at my own night at Barcosa, Holloway, called Randomarium. With Bessos (Big Chill/Chilled Cider), Joe99 and Abby Normal.

These days, I can be found playing for The Electro Swing Club at The Book Club Shoreditch, White Mink at The Haunt Brighton and Los Bastardos @ The Horatia, Holloway Rd, London N7 and @ The Sunrooms, Market Place, Southend on Sea.

Spinning some electro swing rotatey discers and pushy lightbold flashy buttonclappers solo and, also, with the Bastardo Brothers… Deep Joy!



The creaking sound of old school vinyl is not enough for the eccentric band “Sweet Life Society”; the talented group that mix contemporary tunes with old school “Cotton Club”, re-styling the “Swing Music Culture” into a mix of electronic sounds, while also adding the performance of live instruments from the best “Torinese” Jazz scene.

The two producers of this new music project – Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini – perform live, accompanied by an eclectic ensemble made up of contrabass and wind instrumentssuch as a trumpet, sax, clarinet and flute. They are also backed by two exceptional voices.

Available from November under German record label “Resense”, their new 7 inch also includes their single, which has been part of the prestigious French compilation “Electro Swing Vol.3” on “Wagram Records”.
Resense come up with another great soullatinstylebeat 7″ that’s friendly on the ears and great for the dancefloor too! “Bam Bam” is a rolling b-boy hip hop joint, but with a Cumbia-rap inflection and some sweet tropical vocals too. “Company Store” twists Tennessee Ernie Ford’s classic blues cut “16 Tons” onto a drum & bass framework for old school-nu-school action.

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Formerly known as Tony Holster. I am one of the first Djs, and certainly the very 1st in France, to have put a full electro swing mix online (on my website: I also started to organise the 1st parties in France. I spin this genre for a long time.

I have played in the main European countries alongside Lyre le Temps, Kormac, G-Swing, Algorythmik, Dirty Honkers, Caravan Palace, Movits, KKC Orchestra and many more. Will be on tour in North America in 2012.

I am one of the guys behind and in charge of Electro Swing Club de Paris. I have recently started to work on my own edits and getting into production.

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Wolfie Razzmatazz began Djing 7 years ago, tickling the fancies of the northern free party scene with his flavours of psychedelic and progressive trance, but in more recent years he has developed a taste for the less serious side of electronic music.
With a strong passion for classic swing, Wolfie discovered electro swing in 2007 and has since been seamlessly slipping the style into his electro house and progressive trance DJ sets at a wide variety of nights and festivals around the UK. The Beats Bizarre heartily welcomed this fusion, it’s other residents themselves inspired to add more elements of swing and balkan to an already diverse and open minded event.
Founding Speakeasy – Leeds’ finest and first Electro Swing night – gave Wolfie a more captive and consistent audience, fuelling his fever for fusing swing with untouched styles of bass driven electronic music – resulting in ventures into ghetto swing, swing step and jazz wonk.
His Electro Swing DJ sets never fail to inflate swing music with the heaviest of electro basslines and never forget to bring it back to its’ roots.

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