774114_404317526323025_533399401_oExclusive Interview - Caspar and his 2nd EP release

Good Day dear ladies and gentlefolk. We have an interview at the ready for you! Today’s special Guest: Caspar. He is a Dj and Producer from Munich, Germany and a long time Electro Swing fanatic. This is what he says about himself: Caspar // Always fresh on the 1s & 2s!°

Right then. Let’s kick this off.


RAGTIME2News: Ragtime Records, a brand new Electro Swing Label

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now official! We have a brand new Electro Swing Record label, based right here in the Midlands, UK – Ragtime Records! Set up by Richard Shawcross (better known as the C@ in the H@) and myself Tom Hyland (of the Electric Swing Circus), Ragtime records is all about the new generation of Electro Swing.




Exclusive Interview: The Electronic Swing Orchestra

Today we will shine the light on a very talented Electro Swing Band: The Electronic Swing Orchestra.

Electronic Swing Orchestra – Live Electro Swing Made in Berlin



Tales from Freshly Squeezed Remix Competition winners pt1

It may or may not have escaped your notice that the fine people at Freshly Squeezed recently ran a remix competition for Swing Republic’s new song “Crazy in Love”, itself a cover of r’n’b pop-strumpet Beyoncé’s hit. I, along with my comrades over at, have been lucky enough to be granted interviews with the five winners.

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Update: Swingrebellion’s new Format

Hi fellow Swing enthusiasts,

We have updated the format of Swingrebellion slightly.


Beauty in the 1920’s 

The 1920’s was that start of a makeup revolution, the 20’s saw a huge change to fashion and makeup. Colour explosions sharp angles and shocking revolt covered the faces of women everywhere. It became an art form, a way of transforming the face, and not just on the stage and in performance as it had been before.