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Swing Rebellion is a Platform for Electro Swing enthusiasts. Content on this Site is written by our official correspondents but user contribution is highly encouraged and supported. Just pop us a quick email at info@swingrebellion.co.uk with ideas.

Who we are:

Tom (Mr. Tophat)Mr. Tophat

Part of the Electric Swing Circus he is no stranger to to the scene. A 6 piece Electro Swing troupe that fuses cool 20′s swing with fiery electro beats in a dazzling live show.  Tom also runs and promotes a monthly night in Birmingham called Hot Club de Swing that showcases the best or UK and European Electro Swing talent, along with cabaret, circus tricks, burlesque, magic and much more.  Outside the world of Electro Swing Tom helps manage The Stage Bus an outdoor events company with a Double Decker Bus and Bedford Truck that turn into festival stagess.  Tom looks after the bookings along with programming stages, event/stage management when needed



James (Jamko)

Jamko is an Electro Swing DJ, Producer and Promoter based in Nottingham, UK. Since turning his focus to the genre he has had a string of success; being nominated for Best Electro Swing DJ in the Electro Swing Peoples Favourites awards 2011, commissioned by Red Bull North America to produce the mixtape for their Speakeasy at Coachella Festival 2012, and featured in Spinforth’s legendary Soundcloud Scour on the Ghetto Funk website. He has filled supports for Electro Swing pioneers such as Dutty Moonshine, DJ Switch, Kormac, Kiwistar, Future Swing Stories, and Smokey Joe & The Kid. Jamko’s sets contain a unique blend: 1 part Hip-Hop, 2 parts House, a squeeze of Electro and a dash of Dubstep served over hot Jazz and Swing beats. Warning! This music should be consumed responsibly.

Jamko is one of the founders and co-promoters for Nottingham’s monthly Electro Swing event: The Jitterbug. Launching in October 2011 the night has already played host to Kiwistar, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Swingrowers, Kitten and The Hip, Electric Swing Circus, Sound Assembly, DJ Switch, Josh et le Chat and Wolfie Razzmatazz.

In addition to his solo work Jamko is also one third of the Electro Swing trio The Killer Dillers, which has seen him perform at events across the UK and Europe including Boomtown Fair 2012 and München Festival 2012.

Matt (Das Motz)Das Motz Profile Picture

Das Motz is a DJ and Producer from Frankfurt, Germany, currently residing in Nottingham, UK. His DJ career began in 2008 and really kicked off with residencies at big clubs around town.

Since the start of 2010 he has been heavily involved in the Electro Swing scene, playing alongside of many well-known acts such as Dutty Moonshine, DJ Switch, Kiwistar, The Electric Swing Circus, Swingrowers, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, Kormac, Smokey Joe & the Kid amongst many others. He is one of the founders of the Jitterbug, an Electro Swing night in Nottingham and is currently active in the group The Killer Dillers, a DJ/band collaboration where he is a DJ and VJ.
Currently, Das Motz is performing both nationally and internationally, mainly focusing on Electro Swing. His musical style is a combination of genres, creating energetic mixes ranging from Minimal to Techno to Electro Swing and all in between.

Jo (Madame Electrifie

Madame Electrifie is the alter ego of breaks/electro/techno DJ Little Jo Fusing together her love of all things vintage with a love of dirty bass driven music. 

Fusing the best of the 20′s, 30′s and 40′s with the best of the modern age. Madame Electrifie takes the swing sound and threads through hip hop, house, breaks and drum and bass to create a raucous dance floor focused party.

As a DJ, Jo has played some of the UK’s leading venues, from Ministry of Sound, to Turnmills, The Cross and some of the leading London warehouse parties. She has supported some of the biggest names in electronic music from Annie Nightingale, to A Skillz, Krafty Kuts, 808 State, Jon Carter, Elite Force and a host of others. With 10 years mixing behind her she approaches Electro Swing as a seasoned pro, able to juggle genre’s and styles seamlessly.

As Madame Electrifie, Jo mixes her DJ skills with a healthy chunk of showmanship, cue glitter cannons, showgirl outfits, and general party antics.

Madame Electrifie teams up with swing goddess Lizzie (Lady Swing) Hawkins to present Madame Electrifies Discotech, their own (all out mental) electro swing party in Northampton UK, and they will be hosting their own mini stage at this year’s Boomtown and Glade Festival.