2 Brand new EP’s for free download

I’m back again with more Electro Swing freebies for you all!  This time we’ve got 2 really great EP’s that have just been released.  The first is a collaborative EP from Kiwistar and Josh et le Chat with remixes from Lazlo, CJ Rusky, Makks D, and Voices and Scat Chouaine.  You can get your hands on the “Tennis Swing” EP for free by heading to the bandcamp page here.  Click on Buy Now and then set your price as 0 :)



If you’ve had a listen to the 2nd podcast already, you’ll have heard Lady Swing playing you some Ghetto Swing.  If this sub-genre tickles your fancy I strongly suggest you grab yourself a copy of the new EP “Swung Out Swag” by Defunk and Dads on Display.  Plenty of Ghetto Swing and Ghetto Funk goodness!  You can find that on the bandcamp page here.


Great stuff guys and we look forward to more in the future!

Posted by James (Jamko)